Which Are the 10 Best Product Design Firms in 2022?

Design firms create products for end-users to have a great user experience.

AS AN entrepreneur, you constantly look for new ways to impress your customers. This means you will continuously need the inspiration to style and revamp your product. Hence, you might be required to work with different product design firms throughout your business journey. 

The role of the companies in your product development cycle is to solve a customer problem. At the same time, the solution should provide ease of use and comfort. 

Design is about a product’s appearance, usability, feel, and experience. Design firms create products for end-users to have a great user experience. However, you will come across product design companies that promise you an ideal result, but they end up with disappointing results. 

In this piece, you will learn the top ten product design companies you can work with for great results. 

Flynn Product Design Company

Flynn Product Design Company is the first firm on the list of top rated product design companies. This design agency boasts 20 years of experience in the industry, challenging the market with innovative designs and thinking. You’ll find the firm a cut from the rest and will consistently get the best results when you work with them. 

The consultancy has established itself in the industry with technical expertise, which goes a long way in the development process of your product. Besides, being in the product designing niche for so long has allowed the firm to develop a unique approach to design research. You are assured of getting patentable products that will succeed in any market.

UX Studio

UX Studio is an award-winning European company that works with different companies. It is one of the fastest-growing design companies in the world, working with established brands and startups. Hence, you will get high-end value from their experience working with big corporations. 

You will also get expertise in strategic thinking, product management, and excellent transformations, ensuring client satisfaction. 

The Product Company 

This growth and product marketing company connect you with freelance product experts. It has a community of product experts, marketing strategies, and engineers who work with you to ensure your project is successful. The firm works by finding a perfect fit for any project. 

Lighthouse London

Lighthouse is a design studio based in London. It specializes in UX and UI design for digital products while focusing on coming up with creative solutions for complicated tasks. Your idea will go through a four-stage framework, turning it into a complete product. 


WANDR Studio

WANDR is a notable product design and UX firm in Los Angeles, USA. It was founded in 2016 and has since gained much recognition from clients. The firm emphasizes design as the foundation of any product. It uses an approach of taking a design concept and enhancing the user’s experience. The company has a team that focuses on the idea of your product and your customer base. 


The company’s core services include mobile development, quality assurance, and blockchain. It is one of the first companies to transfer its clients’ services to the cloud. In addition, Aplana employs hundreds of development and design experts with offices in countries such as the US, UK, and Germany. 

Even though design and consultancy make up 5% of their portfolio, you will get excellent services as they have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.


MetaLab is a user interface design company providing engineering and product research services. It provides design services that are full suite, focusing on every product aspect that customers interact with directly. The firm has launched products for Fortune 50 businesses and startups. 


This is a full-service agency specializing in designing and creating digital products. The firm specializes in elements that go into creating a great product. People with a unique product idea but lack an execution plan will find it a perfect agency. 

UENO will take your idea and turn it into a design, ensuring scalability. 

Work & CO

This technology and design company focuses on user-friendliness when making products. Its designs and strategies have helped numerous businesses to create new products consistently and to grow. With Work & Co, you will understand markets better and create products that help you scale. 


Beyond is a product design company recognized at the San Francisco Design Week in 2020. The company has a team of creative engineers, designers, and strategists who thrive on assisting clients to become better. Besides, it has teamed up with notable companies such as Google and Facebook, so you can get the results you seek when you work with them. 

Wrapping Up

Many agencies offer industrial, packaging, and product design services. Yet, it might be a challenge to find a firm that suits your needs perfectly. Looking for a product design company that appeals to your market would be best. One way to ensure that is by ensuring the company incorporates innovative product design into the development process. 

Fortunately, the above companies will sort out your needs. They will design your product to the desired requirements, ensuring that your customer is satisfied. You will have a sustainable product and quickly scale your operations. 

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