Call for more industry-informed and less publicity-driven environmental targets as Scottish 2030 ambitions ‘predictably’ abandoned

Fiona Hodgson, CEO of SNIPEF

IN RESPONSE to the Scottish Government’s decision to abandon its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions targets, Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF), has called for a comprehensive reset of policy, engagement, and targets.

Hodgson commented: “The 2030 targets, which always seemed more driven by the pursuit of headlines than establishing a meaningful, step-by-step roadmap towards the 2045 climate goals, were sadly and predictably abandoned due to their unrealistic ambitions and the lack of a realistic plan to support them.

“This approach has inevitably led to their failure and fostered uncertainty among businesses and the public about the feasibility of future targets.”

Comprehensive and inclusive planning needed for future success

Moving forward, Hodgson urges the Government to pause and reset, adopting a more inclusive approach by incorporating all relevant stakeholders, including industry experts and community representatives, from the beginning of the planning process. “To prevent further setbacks and foster an investment-friendly environment, the government must systematically overhaul the target-setting process,” she advised.

Hodgson highlighted the need for future targets to be based on detailed, sector-specific knowledge that addresses practical realities, including the necessary infrastructure from power generation to consumption.

“These targets should not be arbitrary or merely top-down, reverse-engineered mandates but should be collaboratively developed, realistic, and achievable objectives with clear steps and milestones,” she added.

Key points of advocacy

  • Inclusive planning: Engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the planning process to ensure comprehensive and viable target-setting.
  • Practical targets: Develop sector-specific targets, informed by industry knowledge and infrastructural capacities, to enhance feasibility and public trust in climate initiatives.
  • Sustained collaboration: Foster ongoing cooperation between the government, industries, and communities to maintain momentum towards the 2045 net-zero goal.

Reaffirming SNIPEF’s commitment to Scotland’s environmental aims, Hodgson declared, “We remain fully committed to advancing low-carbon heating solutions. Through thoughtful planning, robust collaboration, and consistent government support, we are confident that significant strides can be made towards the 2045 net-zero target.”

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