Scottish Engineering mid-year report confirms growth

Paul Sheerin (Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering)

SCOTTISH Engineering has given feedback to their Quarterly Review survey. With 29% of their members responding, 2023’s mid-year report card for their engineering sector confirms a ninth consecutive quarter of order and output growth, with the broadly positive optimism reflected in the forecast of a further upbeat quarter to come.

However, finding – and keeping – the right skills continue to be the challenge that occupies businesses the most, creating capacity restrictions where those skills are in short supply. Training investment is up, and member’s responses to our questions on flexible working suggest that considerable movement has been made to aid staff retention.

The results have been surprising, showing a rapid rate of change and adoption of a broad range of flexible working arrangements, with a significant number of companies reviewing how best and to what level they plan to take on changes, in ways that suit their particular business.

Scottish Engineering Chief Executive, Paul Sheerin, added:

“Accessing future and current skilled people has been a constant challenge since demand returned to our sector, and like any high-demand marketplace, we need to adapt to ensure we attract these skilled individuals to stay or come and join us. Against that, it’s great to see the way companies have adapted to take on board flexible working arrangements that suit both their employees and the company. That won’t look the same for everyone, and there is no benefit adopting changes that put business sustainability at risk, but the wide range of options that can add value in balance means this can be the win-win that everyone is aiming for.”

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