Scotland hosts an Innovation Village at Geo Business 2023


LOCATION Data Scotland is hosting the Scottish Innovation Village for the first time at Geo Business 2023, taking place in Excel London on the 17th and 18th of May.  Geo Business is one of the UK’s largest geospatial and location intelligence exhibitions showcasing the newest tech, tools, and solutions for geospatial.  The show is co-located with Digital Construction Week highlighting the latest trends in digital construction in which geospatial plays a pivotal role.

Location Data Scotland, an inclusive geospatial community across Scotland was established through support from the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, and the Geospatial Commission to unlock the value of location data.  Location Data Scotland was created to leverage location data as an enabler of innovation and to create greater efficiency in the products and services delivered and utilised by organisations and the public sector in Scotland.  The cluster which is delivered by Glasgow-based business, Optimat, is now in its 3rd year and has just celebrated its 100th member milestone.

The Scottish Innovation Village is situated at the heart of Geo Business and will showcase some of Scotland’s leading-edge technology organisations working in geospatial. 

Exhibitors in the Innovation Village are;

Topolytics: Topolytics is a data aggregation and analytics business that is making the world’s waste visible, verifiable, and valuable. Their WasteMap platform generates insights for waste producers, recyclers, and governments that enable greater materials recovery, drive operational efficiencies, support investment strategies, enhance transparency, and reduce carbon emissions through the WasteChain. 

Trade in Space: Trade in Space creates traceable sustainability insights for agricultural supply chains by combining the global reach of satellite data and the power of distributed ledger technology. By generating transactional intelligence to accompany agricultural goods through the supply chain they reduce friction in global trade and certify the sustainability of agriculture. Their solution Sustainmaps monitors your supply chain for land use change, deforestation, and other metrics which are important to the production and trade of agricultural assets.

Eolas Insight: EOLAS Insight provides ‘one click’ web mapping services to simplify geospatial processes and provide instant, direct and low-cost access to environmental and economic opportunity information. We specialise in the development of AI algorithms for detecting and counting animals, along with peatland and woodland classification from high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery.

Spelfie – Space 2 Consumer’s patented strategy captures the interactions between people, livestock, and assets, captured in same-day or real-time satellite imagery, using User Generated Content (UGC). Identifying “users” through location, biometrics, audio, video, data from wearables or static imagery creates an identifier, placing the “user” in the satellite image. Allowing the identification and engagement with the subjects captured within the image. If GPS had pictures…

Craft Prospect: Craft Prospect is a space engineering practice leveraging state-of-the-art advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies to develop new payloads, services, and operational concepts for satellite missions. Products include the Forwards Looking Imager (FLI), an AI-powered smart sensor; the Astral Intelligence toolbox, a suite of autonomy-enabling components to add value across the data processing pipeline; and the JADE quantum source payload for satellite-based quantum key distribution.

NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF) : FSF is an expanding world-class facility supporting Earth System Science. The FSF, based in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh, comprises a pool of high-quality field spectroradiometers and Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) borne multi- and hyper-spectral sensors with associated calibration and support equipment.

Geovation Scotland: Geovation Scotland help unlock greater value from national geospatial, land and property data assets by supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, and developers to bring new location data and property services to market through an accelerator programme for early-stage founders and a UK-wide community of PropTech and GeoTech experts.

Our bespoke accelerator programme offers technology entrepreneurs looking to accelerate the growth of their businesses a range of support – from finance, sales, pitching, and marketing to data access, development support, up to £15k of grant funding, and much more!

We are proud to support some of Scotland’s most innovative technology startups.

Geo Business Show organiser Oliver Huges said, “We are incredibly excited to be working with Location Data Scotland and their partners to showcase the power of location data at GEO Business.  We’ll be hosting 6 innovative Scottish organisations in the Innovation Village, including some early-stage companies, the majority of which our attendees won’t have had the opportunity to meet before.”

Alan Corbett, Head of Geospatial at the Scottish Government said,

“Location data plays such an integral role in stimulating and promoting innovation within the Geospatial Sector. Location Data Scotland is working with some highly innovative organisations across Scotland and the UK, promoting the fantastic things currently being undertaken with location data. Having our own dedicated Innovation Village at the Geo Business Show in London next month highlights the importance of the innovation and entrepreneurship being generated in Scotland, and the pivotal role Scotland plays in the wider UK Geospatial ecosystem.”

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