New Scottish government-funded website improves access flexible office space in Dundee and Glasgow

The Circle website will make it easier for small businesses such as Dundee's Wilde Mode to access office space

A NEW Scottish government-funded website will make it easier for small businesses, charities and community groups to access flexible, affordable, short-term office space in Dundee and Glasgow.

The website will be launched today (Tuesday 11 January, 2022) by The Circle, an award-winning social enterprise based in Dundee and Glasgow.

The Circle manages more than 40,000 square feet of flexible office space and meeting rooms, split between its two sites in North East, Dundee and Easterhouse, Glasgow.

Current tenants include local and national social enterprises, community groups, charities and small businesses such as Barnardos, Action for Children, National Lottery Community Fund and Cornerstone.

The Circle’s new website, , which was 100% funded by the Scottish Government’s DigitalBoost Development Grant ,will enable users to view and book flexible office space and meeting rooms online for the first time.  

It will also allow users to access other services offered by The Circle including their business consultancy and social entrepreneurship academy, The Circle Academy.

The website features case studies from local social entrepreneurs who have previously been assisted by The Circle.

Blue2, a Dundee-web developer designed The Circle’s new website. Photographs and videos were provided by other local businesses including film makers Dylan Drummond and Avian Studio; and photographer, Yulia Skulskikh.

The Circle was founded to create and contribute to a vibrant and sustainable community. It is a multi-award winning ‘More Than Profit’ organisation. The Circle supports businesses to make a difference to communities across Scotland, the UK, and globally, by providing education, affordable spaces, and a like-minded community. 

For three years running (2019, 2020, 2021), The Circle has been named on the NatWest SE100 list, a list of the UK’s top 100 social enterprises and CEO & Founder, Kirsty Thomson was nominated for three Institute of Directors Awards 2021.

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