New Flybe summer routes and schedules announced

From 13th April, a new and improved Flybe will fly up to 530 flights per week across 23 routes

FLYBE Ltd, one of the UK’s newest airlines, is now out for sale at with discount fares, as well as introductory offers to many new destinations, available from today. 

Flights will commence from 13th April and a new and improved Flybe will fly up to 530 flights per week across 23 routes with more to be announced in the months ahead. 

Flybe’s lowest fares in many UK domestic markets will start as low as £29.99. To celebrate the first day of sales, Flybe will be offering a further GBP10 off all fares for purchases on 22nd March only.

Key UK regional routes for the new airline will include Birmingham to Edinburgh, Belfast City to Birmingham, Belfast City to East Midlands, Belfast City to Leeds Bradford, Belfast City to London-Heathrow, Belfast City to Glasgow, Belfast City to Manchester, and Leeds Bradford to London-Heathrow. 

Flybe will also offer international flights from Amsterdam to Belfast City, Birmingham, East Midlands and London-Heathrow in addition to Summer flights from Birmingham to Avignon and Brest, as well as Southampton to Avignon and Toulon.

Flybe CEO, Dave Pflieger, said: “We are delighted to now be out for sale and starting service next month. We think our new flights will benefit everyone who wants low fares and more flights to go on holiday and visit loved ones. Our new network will also ensure better regional connectivity inside the UK and between various UK and EU regions.” 

Pflieger added: “Our goal is to create an airline that people love, and we aim to do that by making air travel on Flybe an easy and enjoyable experience so you will fly with us again in the future. The new Flybe team has worked tirelessly over the past year to create an airline that delivers on price, schedule, and choice, and we look forward to having you book a ticket on and start flying again next month, this summer, and in the many years ahead!”

£29.99 starting fares will be available on the following 15 UK domestic routes: 

Aberdeen – Belfast City (ABZ-BHD), Belfast City – Aberdeen (BHD-ABZ), Belfast City – Birmingham (BHD-BHX), Birmingham – Belfast City (BHX-BHD), Belfast City – Edinburgh (BHD-EDI),

Edinburgh – Belfast City (EDI-BHD), Belfast City – East Midlands (BHD-EMA), 

East Midlands – Belfast City (EMA-BHD), Belfast City – Glasgow (BHD-GLA), Glasgow – Belfast City (GLA-BHD), Newcastle – Belfast City (NCL-BHD), Birmingham – Edinburgh (BHX-EDI), Edinburgh-Birmingham (EDI-BHX), Birmingham – Glasgow (BHX-GLA), and Glasgow – Birmingham (GLA-BHX)

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