Lomond Banks reaffirms economic pledges for Balloch and surrounding area

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FLAMINGO Land, the developers behind the proposed £40m world class sustainable tourism destination in Balloch, has reaffirmed its pledge that the development would provide numerous job opportunities for the local community and beyond, alongside a plethora of economic benefits, should plans be approved.

As the resubmitted plans continue through the required 30-day consultation phase, the developers are keen to highlight once again its Unilateral Voluntary Undertaking, known as ‘The Lomond Promise’ to the National Park, which legally binds its promises for the area into legal obligations for the proposed development.

Within ‘The Lomond Promise’, Flamingo Land has committed to the vows it has made to the community at pre-application stage, relating to a number of areas, including employment and training alongside supporting local businesses and supply chain.

Flamingo Land believe that through construction to its operation, Lomond Banks will deliver a significant economic boost for the local area with high investment figures and direct and indirect jobs, including over 360 gross temporary construction job opportunities created during the building phase alone.

Having vowed to use local businesses and suppliers where possible throughout the construction of Lomond Banks, it’s estimated that the development will bring with it a projected £3million gross construction GVA, £1.5million, net construction GVA in the Wider Region and a £2million net construction GVA to Scotland itself.

Alongside construction, Flamingo Land has a strong record in fair working as well as excellent education and development opportunities through training for its team and the site at Lomond Banks will be no different, with a commitment on fair working, educational opportunities for local people and establishing a local supply chain to benefit the wider business community in the area.

Once open, the world class sustainable tourist destination will require a diverse range of workers, with potential roles available across entry-level positions to highly skilled vacancies, covering full-time, part-time and seasonal posts for the area.

The ‘Lomond Promise’ sets out within the legally binding contract that should planning permission in principle be granted, Lomond Banks will commit to providing the real living wage and ensure that there are no zero-hour contracts for the estimated 200 full-time and part-time jobs that will be required to run the eco-resort.

Jim Paterson, Development Director for Lomond Banks, said: “We are steadfast in our belief that Lomond Banks will bring considerable economic and social benefit to both Balloch and the wider area. Having listened to feedback from the community, businesses and stakeholders throughout the consultation process, we know that these issues are important to residents and so have ensured that fair working practices and supporting local businesses within the area are engrained within our legally binding ‘Lomond Promise’.

“We believe our proposal will not only revitalise the gateway to Loch Lomond but offer a wider boost to existing businesses that already operate here and provide numerous opportunities for those keen to work for a progressive and forward thinking employer. As such, Lomond Banks is committed to being an active and responsible participant of the Balloch business community for many years to come.”

Further information and FAQs on Lomond Banks can also be found at www.lomondbanks.com  

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