It’s vital we all ‘Stick With It’ to continue to suppress coronavirus and ensure businesses can remain open

Alan Mahon, Brewgooder founder

by Alan Mahon founder of Brewgooder

AS shutters have been lifted on bars, restaurants and hairdressers around Scotland, we’ve all enjoyed catching up with friends and returning to a sense of normality in our daily lives. Going out for a meal or returning to the barbers after months of DIY haircuts has been great and a reward for our collective efforts to follow guidelines and lockdown restrictions to suppress coronavirus.

However, we’ve only reached this point because the majority of people in Scotland have been so diligent when it comes to following the rules. It’s vital that we don’t risk undoing all of our good work by thinking that the hard work is over. We can’t take the reopening of shops, bars and restaurants as a signal that the virus has disappeared. Our collective efforts so far have helped ensure that the number of coronavirus cases in Scotland are currently low, and if we want to continue making progress, we need to stick with it.

We can be proud of our efforts to this point but to ensure businesses can remain open and that we continue to suppress coronavirus, we must follow the FACTS guidelines. Wearing face coverings, avoiding crowded spaces, cleaning hands regularly, maintaining two-metre social distancing and self-isolating and ensuring you are tested immediately when you have symptoms of the virus, remain essential points to adhere to.

As we move through the routemap and restrictions are eased, the risks of transmission increases again. As we start to interact with each other more, the virus has more opportunities to spread. Therefore it’s crucial that we continue to fight coronavirus together.

It’s been such a challenging time for businesses of all types and at Brewgooder, we’re particularly excited to see the hospitality industry start to open up again. This couldn’t have happened without the NHS and we’re so thankful to all NHS employees for their ongoing efforts throughout this pandemic. It’s a massive source of pride for us that our #OneOnUs campaign has seen over 7000 NHS members of staff gifted a round of drinks and message of support. We’ve also launched a beer to support workers in Glasgow by donating a portion of profits to Glasgow Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund.

We’re delighted that we’ve been able to do this and it’s been so encouraging to see the business community come together with so many different initiatives and projects to support each other through these challenging times.

As we start to see people back out enjoying the Scottish hospitality industry, it’s been great to witness the way people are adapting to the new circumstances. From staff members committed to ensuring they keep customers and colleagues safe, through to members of the public following guidelines set out by the Scottish Government and expert health officials. Brewgooder was set up to use the power of beer to bring people together to improve the lives of others and it’s great to see people being able to get back out and enjoy our beer, and the produce of so many great Scottish businesses with friends and family.

We’re only at this point thanks to the sacrifices we’ve all made and it’s crucial that we don’t ease up in our efforts to suppress coronavirus. As you head back out to enjoy a meal in a restaurant or catch-up with friends in a bar, remember that the threat of the virus is still very real. We’ve made amazing progress and if we continue to follow the guidelines, we can continue to move forward as a nation. The more we do now, the better the outcome in the long run.

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