Innovative exhibition prepares to open at Duff House

Duff House

A NEW solo exhibition by emerging artist Toni Harrower is set to open at Duff House in Banff this week. 

Entitled “May Your Thoughts Write the Rest” – the innovative exhibition features paintings displayed with corresponding poetry, with the titles of each art work generated from the words the artist finds significant in the poems. The titles then relate to Toni’s own colour-coded alphabet to provide a colour palate for each or her works. Each piece is then created following a basic set of rules – working from left to right, top to bottom, with the paintings highlighting the many ways a piece of writing or artwork can be interpreted.  

“May Your Thoughts Write the Rest” opens on Friday  June 16, running until Sunday September 10. Toni herself will be at Duff House on Saturday June 17 for an afternoon of tea and cake with visitors between 2.30pm-4pm to celebrate the opening. 

Commenting on the exhibition, Graeme Curran, Duff House Monument Manager said: “It is a pleasure to be hosting the work of such a rising, unique talent as Toni here at Duff House for an exhibition I am sure all who attend will enjoy immensely. 

“Toni has exhibited across the North- East before, but the majority of the work in “May Your Thoughts Write the Rest” will be on show for the first time. 

“It’s also fantastic to welcome Toni to Duff House in person to meet and chat with those attending the opening and to discuss her innovative work.” 

An abstract systems painter who works in a range of mediums from oil paint to resin, Toni is graduate of the prestigious Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

Her work also explores the physicality of paint in line with her interest in Dementia. Working in a repetitious manner, she creates individual patterns and repeated geometric shapes which form a grid-like structure and provide a level of control over the paint which is otherwise unrestricted. Through this technique, the build-up of layers expresses the passing of time.

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