How has the demand for tradespeople increased? 

It’s no secret that the demand for tradespeople is on the rise

IN recent years, the number of people looking to upgrade their homes has dramatically increased. With house prices increasing and the average home costing £250,000, many homeowners have decided to renovate their current abode rather than search for a new one.  

As such, the demand for tradespeople has increased rapidly. In fact, according to recent statistics, 62% of the UK’s tradespeople said that 2021 was their busiest year yet!   

What are the most in demand tradespeople? 

So, it’s no secret that the demand for tradespeople is on the rise, but have you ever wondered what the most in demand trades are? 

According to a study conducted by rated people, carpenters and joiners are top of the list, closely followed by painters and decorators, tilers and general handy people.  

Are you considering a career change? 

With the cost of living rising, if you’re looking to change careers and earn a little bit more money at the same time, becoming a tradesperson could be right for you! With a huge skills gap, the construction and trades industry is now regarded as one of the most secure, with our need for tradespeople showing no sign of slowing.  

Over the last year in particular, the number of job adverts put out for plumbers, builders, plasters and tree surgeons has exploded, so once you’ve completed the required training, it should be quick and easy to find your first job.  

What you’ll need before you start your new career venture  

As the old saying goes, a bad workman always blames his tools! As such, before you start even thinking about offering your services to paying clients, you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared with all the tools you’ll need to complete the job to a high standard.  

As a minimum, you should look to buy yourself a toolbox full of basic equipment ranging from power tools to basic hand tools such as spanners, sockets and wrenches.  

You’ll also need to ensure you have all the required insurance just in case anything goes wrong on the job. As a minimum, you’ll need public liability insurance to protect yourself from accidental damage or injury.  

Final thoughts  

If you’re craving a career change then taking the plunge and becoming a tradesperson might be a huge change. However, given the increase in demand, making the switch is likely to be a decision that helps you reach financial freedom.  

Will you give it a try?  

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