Glasgow leasing specialist agrees US Deal with Scottish 4X4 EV maker 

The Munro 4X4 EV

GLASGOW-based electric vehicle leasing specialists Wyre, has won exclusive rights for the sale and distribution of the Scottish made Munro 4×4 utility EV in the United States. The highly regarded Munro is often considered the eco friendly version of the Humvee.

The announcement is significant for Wyre as it establishes an increasingly large foothold for its operations in the United Kingdom and American electric vehicle leasing markets. 

The vehicle costs £75,000, with most buyers expected to come from the oil and gas, mining and forestry industries. Longer term, it is expected to attract increasing attention from farmers, one of the main markets for which it was originally targeted.

Wyre Director Rebecca Hansen said: “This an important win for us. The Munro is a great multi-purpose vehicle, and one that has a great future. We are delighted we have the opportunity to make it a big success in the United States. Just as important, it is further step in establishing Wyre as market leaders in what we do.”

The Munro is designed and built in Scotland as a vehicle for carrying people or equipment across difficult terrain. The 4×4 has a modular construction allowing it to be adapted for a wide range of purposes, and easy maintenance. Although weighing 2.7 tons standard weight (kerb weight), the Munro has a battery range of 168 miles, and a zero to sixty acceleration of 4.9 seconds.

Like the Humvee, the Munro is expected to migrate into the consumer vehicle market either through factory modification, or private customisation, though this has no part in Wyre’s planning.

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