Disclosure fees scrapped for workers drafted in to help fight coronavirus

MSP Maree Todd

DISCLOSURE Scotland is scrapping all fees for key workers and volunteers who are being drafted to help Scotland fight against coronavirus.

This is a temporary measure which will be in place for an initial period of 6 weeks, before being reviewed and extended further, if needed.

As thousands of people across the country offer their support, this move will alleviate financial pressures on those who need a disclosure, avoid unnecessary administrative burdens, and stop any delays caused by payment issues.

The list of key worker & key volunteer roles are; healthcare, pharmaceutical, childcare, social work, social care, prisons and justice. As the situation develops and evolves, the list of prioritised sectors may change as Disclosure Scotland identifies other sectors with roles critical to supporting the Scottish Government during this crisis.

In addition, Disclosure Scotland has already put a number of temporary measures in place to ensure the country can be properly resourced to tackle COVID-19, including only processing applications for workers deemed critical to helping the nation overcome coronavirus.

Disclosure Scotland is working closely with colleagues in the NHS, CoSLA, and the social care sector to understand exactly what is needed at this time. 

Maree Todd, Minister for Children & Young People, said: “Disclosure Scotland is responsible for safeguarding the country’s children and vulnerable adults and it’s important that, even at a time like this, their vital work continues.

“Temporarily removing disclosure fees in a crisis has never been done before but The Scottish Government is committed to making it as easy as possible to get vital workers to where they are needed most.”

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