2019 yields a bumper crop of results for Scotty Brand

Cars Melton, aged nine from Edinburgh enjoys strawberry picking with Scotty dog Bumble at Bruce Farm, near Blairgowrie in Perthshire.

WITH Hogmanay on the horizon, Scotty Brand is toasting a bumper crop of results in 2019 on the back of its best-ever year for berries and the continued success of its frozen Chippy Chips.

The family-run company, which first put down roots in Coatbridge in 1948, is now the number 11 Scottish food and non-alcoholic drink brand in Scotland* with a brand retail value of £11m.

Within the context of the UK, Scotty’s fresh soup is ranked number 9, driven by 15% growth this year, while its frozen potatoes are number 10, with 19% growth in 2019.

In both of these categories, Scotty Brand is only sold in Scotland, showing its strong position north of the border.

This year’s success has grown from a number of factors including a UK-wide trial of its berries in Asda, which saw sales of more than 200 tonnes – the equivalent of 16 double decker buses.

Scotty, which works with Scottish farmers to source and supply locally grown fresh produce, also enjoyed ongoing success with its frozen Chippy Chips – the only frozen chips made exclusively with Scottish potatoes and an irregular cut to replicate the Scottish chip shop texture and taste.  Thanks to the chips, frozen now accounts for almost 10% of Scotty’s turnover.

Other products in its range to harvest good results include its chilled mash, which is produced by Scotty’s potato partners, Albert Bartlett and now comes in two varieties – Original, and Cheddar Mash.

Richard Allison, general manager of Scotty Brand, commented: “Thanks to the success of our berries and frozen chips, it’s been another excellent year for Scotty Brand. We’re also very proud that our frozen potatoes and fresh soup are ranked in the top 10 in the UK.

“I’d like to say thank you and Happy New Year to our family of Scottish farmers who grow all this amazing produce.”

For more on Scotty, visit www.scottybrand.com

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