Sell-out success for leading Scottish perfumery

Jorum Studios newest collection Scottish Odyssey has sold out within 72hrs

SCOTLAND’S leading perfumery, Jorum Studio recently announced impressive growth and expansion plans following an unexpected boom over the pandemic. Launching their newest collection, ‘Scottish Odyssey’ less than a week ago, they consequently sold out within 72hrs. 

Despite doubling production since their last run and producing six times the number of bottles vs 2019, all four of their new scents; Firewater, Rose Highland, Healing Berry and Gorseland have sold out. 

However, fans of the independent, unisex fragrances hoping to get their hands on the new scents need not worry. Master Perfumer Euan McCall alongside partner and Co-Founder, Chloe Mullen have already started production on a new batch of Scottish Odyssey this week along with long-standing favourites Trimerous & Nectary to keep up with the growing demand. 

Jorum Studio’s success lies in their ability to bottle the seemingly intangible essence of Scotland in a way that appeals to locals and lovers of Scotland alike. “Our clients in the US have quadrupled their usual order” commented Chloe, “and other international stores have responded really well too and have ordered far greater volumes compared to normal.” 

‘Scottish Odyssey’ focuses on the Scottish everyday, each offering a contemporary snapshot of modern Scotland with a nod to the nostalgic. Individually, the fragrances take inspiration from specific places in Scotland, from Salisbury Crags and the peaks of Glencoe to the valleys of Strathmore and the whirlpools off the coast of the Isle of Jura. It’s not only the ingredients that are found in each varying environment that inspires the scents but the feel; the sights and sounds as well as the history and the dwellers.

“The stories and folklore, the well-trodden and the secret places, the people. They all have a different narrative, we want to intentionally demonstrate the contrasts of Scotland,” explained Euan.

To achieve this, Jorum Studio involved the whole team, in creating this collection – a departure from their previous process which relied on the Co-founding duo alone.

“Our team ventured into the field and analysed botanicals in their natural habitat before reconstituting each unique profile in our laboratory.” 

As part of their launch campaign, Jorum Studio partnered with local artists, commissioning two Scottish photographers to document the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Following the popularity of the collection and bringing a second line of production forwards, the team are due to release their ‘contemporary’ narrative – a series of photographic works by the same photographers centering around city-scapes.

The Scottish Odyssey collection will be a permanent fixture of the Jorum Studio lineup with new releases planned annually to capture the essence of more isolated areas of Scotland. 

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