Scottish Labour Conference 2024: Usdaw seeks an end child and in-work poverty

Tracy Gilbert (USDAW)

RETAIL trade union Usdaw has a delegation of members, reps and officials attending the annual Scottish Labour Conference in Glasgow, Friday 16 to Sunday 18 February. The union is part of a composite on child poverty.

Tracy Gilbert, Usdaw Regional Secretary for Scotland, said: “One in four children in Scotland are living in poverty, which is inextricably linked to in-work poverty. It is appalling that Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner has deemed the SNP Government to have ‘absolutely failed’ to deliver for young people.

“While we welcome the Scottish Child Payment, the rising cost of living means the payment is falling in value and more direct support is needed to meet child poverty targets. The lack of appropriate childcare, and the childcare costs families continue to face, lock children in poverty despite improvements in funded childcare in recent years.

“Research shows that families with children make up around half of the families experiencing in-work poverty across Scotland. So, tackling the issue of in-work poverty is critical to ensuring that every child has the best possible start in life and the opportunity to thrive.”

The composite motion to conference calls on Scottish Labour to:

·         Prioritise the eradication of child poverty.

·         Urgently work with trade unions and the Child Poverty Commission to bring forward a comprehensive plan to eradicate child poverty.

·         Increase cash payments to families through mechanisms such as raising the minimum wage.

·         Provide safe and affordable housing.

·         Address the lack of appropriate, affordable and accessible childcare that families face to help break the cycle of child poverty.

·         Introduce meaningful support to address the most urgent priorities facing working people as a result of the cost of living crisis.

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