Scottish business to promote “Green Desalination” technologies

Left to Right: Thomas Altmann (Executive Vice President of Innovation at ACWA Power) and Alistair Cameron (CEO of Scotmas) signing the Memorandum of Understanding. (Photo: Scotmas Group Limited / ACWA Power)

SCOTMAS, a global leader in chlorine dioxide-based water treatment systems based in the Scottish Borders, has joined forces with ACWA Power, the world’s largest private developer of green hydrogen technology and water desalination plants to develop new technologies to help respond to the threat of climate change and water stress.

The collaboration will research and develop “Green Desalination” technologies to eliminate the discharge of environmentally damaging chlorinated organic compounds into the marine environment, whilst reducing overall power consumption required by desalination membranes, and contributing to the circular economy by extending the life of critical equipment.

The partnership will also work towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals related to good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, and life below water.

The partnership will also leverage Scotmas’ expertise to develop local production of equipment and chemistry needed to ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply to desalination and water distribution facilities throughout the Middle East, further reducing the impact of transportation on the environment.

Alistair Cameron, CEO of Scotmas, said: “We are excited to join with ACWA Power and work together towards achieving sustainable development goals in the water industry. This partnership will help promote green desalination and encourage the adoption of the next generation of water treatment technology throughout the industry. We look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to impact the environment and local economies positively.”

Thomas Altmann, Executive Vice President of Innovation at ACWA Power, said: “ACWA Power are committed to working with leading innovators to make desalination and the wider green energy revolution more efficient, sustainable, and globally accessible. Working together with Scotmas and KAUST we show our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal and contributing to the circular economy”. 

The water desalination process was developed at Glasgow University in 1960. Today, desalination contributes more than 90% of daily water requirements across the rapidly growing economies of the Arabian Gulf. The partnership will bring together academic expertise from Scotland and the Middle East to help make desalination technologies cheaper and more accessible to developing economies Worldwide.

Scotmas is an innovation-driven, export-led company in the Life & Chemical Sciences sector based in the Scottish Borders. The company’s mission is to revolutionise water treatment and infection control practices, offering a more effective, safer, and environmentally neutral alternative to the bleach-based chemicals that currently comprise almost 90% of the market.

The Kelso-based firm was awarded the title of “Best Medium Business” at the 2023 VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards. The awards reward and recognise organisations with sound environmental practices. The award reaffirmed its position as a pioneer in the water industry and a company dedicated to positively impacting the environment.

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