School leaders praise High School Makeup qualifications as Scottish firm’s programme expands

Penicuik High School students of the NPA qualification delivered by Glamcandy

A SCOTTISH firm’s programme bringing qualifications in makeup to school classrooms across Scotland has been hailed by education leaders for engaging kids across their studies and boosting their employability.

Now Glamcandy, the company behind the scheme, is set to expand their SQA accredited classes to even more secondary schools across the country.

The National Progression Award makeup classes – currently offered in 21 schools across Scotland – have been credited with keeping kids engaged across the school curriculum and developing transferable skills for the workplace.

More than 350 boys and girls across Scotland have taken part in Glamcandy’s classes this school year – working towards National Progression Awards (NPAs) in Makeup Skills, an SQA recognised qualification.

Pupils who have taken the classes said they have enhanced their overall school experience – while school leaders said the courses were helping kids move in a “a positive and sustained destination” towards further education and work.

Lorraine Finnie, deputy head at Meldrum Academy in Aberdeen, said: “Research has shown that building essential skills can support the emotional wellbeing and academic success of our young people, as well as preparing them for life beyond school.

“We recognised there was a need to provide vocational pathways with equal value to the traditional academic pathways, to best prepare our young people.

Craig Dewar, deputy head teacher at Penicuik High School in Midlothian, added: “This has been a great opportunity to offer our students the chance to develop their skills in an area we cannot readily offer within our curriculum.

“It is engaging students in a field they are interested in and giving them the experience they need to further their qualifications in this field and support them into a positive and sustained destination.”

And Carrie Beesley, principal teacher of Guidance at Viewforth High School in Kirkcaldy, added: “The NPA qualification delivered by Glamcandy has enabled our young people to develop valuable skills and qualities that they can transfer into life beyond school.”

Class tutor Kim Little, of Glamcandy, said: “The best part of the job is seeing what creative ideas the students have, hearing their stories and seeing the proud look on their faces when they accomplished something they didn’t think they could.

“The effort and real interest they have for the industry has been amazing to watch.”

Steph Kent, Head of Enrolments at Glamcandy, said spaces for classes in the next academic year are already filling up.

She added: “We have had incredible results for our first year rolling out the NPA in high schools across Scotland. We signed on a total of 24 classes in 21 schools, which far exceeded our expectations.

“This qualification is a great pathway for pupils looking to get into the beauty industry. It also benefits young people who are looking to improve their skills and build confidence working with other people.

“We have already had pupils expressing an interest in applying for our HNC in Fashion Makeup course upon leaving school, it is great to hear the course has given them the confidence to do this. We are very excited to see what next year brings.”

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