Real estate agents needed in Glasgow

More and more people want to buy a house in Glasgow and this is where the estate agent comes in

ACCORDING to the latest surveys, Glasgow is currently the best place to buy a house in the UK region due to its relatively low prices. Young people looking to buy a house can buy their dream home after as little as 4-5 years of work, which in London can be up to 15 years.

As a result, more and more people want to buy a house in this city. That’s where the estate agent comes in. Do you want to earn money while making couples and families happy by giving them the home of their dreams? If this is the career you want, but you’re not sure what a real estate agent does, read this article to find out the answers to all the important questions. Of course, as experience is essential in this profession, we’ll also tell you how to become an estate agent trainee in Glasgow.

What does a real estate agent actually do?

We go to a real estate agent when we want to sell or, conversely, when we want to buy a flat or a house. And because both parties go to the estate agent, supply and demand meet with the agent, so it is the estate agent’s job to facilitate and organize the meeting of the two parties’ needs and the sale. This is true whether you are in Glasgow or London, and whether you work with Battersea estate agents or any other local agency.

While a homeowner’s methods of reaching potential buyers are limited, a (good) estate agent can actively reach potential buyers. After all, the agent spends several hours daily communicating with buyers and sellers. They also have access to specific databases.

View the property

The first step in selling a property is always a joint inspection, without a potential buyer present, just the owners and the estate agent. During this time, the estate agent will try to find out all the details, which may seem trivial at first.

The usual questions should include, for example, the year the house was built, the dates of recent renovations, the materials installed, the plot of land and the area of the apartment or house in square meters, the heating, hot water, air conditioning, which furniture would be left, whether there is a loan on the property, who the owners are, whether anyone else has rights to the property, and so on.

The advertising process

Before the real estate agent starts advertising the apartment or house, the agent agrees with the owner on how to promote it. Nowadays, traditional (offline) advertising has taken a back seat, so it is particularly important that the property is presented online with good photos, floor plans, and well-written text.

The estate agent also has access to the clients registered in the database. It is one of the indisputable advantages of a good and experienced estate agent.

Presentation of the property and price negotiation

In all cases, this only happens after consultation with the owner (and, obviously, the buyer). The estate agent will show the property on the spot. If everything seems good to the buyer, the price is negotiated.

Naturally, every owner wants a high price, and every buyer wants a low price. Here the estate agent takes on the role of a “mediator,” working to resolve the conflict caused by different views on price and to reach a compromise.

Preparation of the sales contract

Once they have agreed on the price, payment schedule, and other details, a document that is appropriate in a legal context needs to be prepared. When the sales contract is signed, the real estate agent is present alongside the lawyer, helping to ensure that the finishing touches are put in place as smoothly as possible.

Once the contract has been signed, the real estate agent is paid out of the deposit or the total purchase price: this is paid by the sellers under the contract. If no sale and purchase contract is concluded, the estate agent does not take any success fee.

What should you do?

As mentioned in the introduction, you need experience to get a job in this profession. There are several ways to become a trainee. The course you choose may offer a traineeship program. If not, you will have to manage this yourself. You can search online for companies looking for trainees, but you can also be more proactive. You can contact the companies that appeal to you the most. You can tell them that you have just qualified as a real estate agent and want to intern with them. You can tell them how you can contribute to their success. Your enthusiasm will certainly appeal to them. Remember, real estate is a tough business. If you want something, fight for it and achieve your dreams!

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