What are BMP and PDF files? A Brief Introduction


Often you have heard BMP files but what are they? These are image file format with extension .bmp

They are often called bitmap or bitmaps images. They are called device independent bitmap graphic files. This graphics can be opened by any software like photos of windows or mac or any other program not specific to any. While Pdf is document format which is used to share documents or images with clients. It also provides merging technology so multiple files can be sent in a single click. To share and store the images bmp to pdf converter is required to convert BMP to PDF which convert bmp to pdf file.

BMP File Format Meaning

BMP stands for bitmap and common file format created in the 1990s by microsoft. The idea behind making this format was images could be viewed on alternative devices rather than windows one and without a graphics adapter.

BMP files are larger in size as they contain uncompressed data making them ideal for displaying and storing high quality images. BMP supports millions of colors up to 24 bits per pixel. This allows bitmap to store colorful digital photographs and artwork with high level detail. For saving multiple bmp into a single file convert BMP to PDF which takes less space.

Why use BMP Files?

BMP files are used for making icons, screen grabs and 2D photos. Both colored image data and monochrome data can be stored in a variety of bit/color depths by bitmaps. It allows lossless data compression as most bitmaps are large and uncompressed.

With bitmaps you can store complex and high quality images. Each file stores every pixel independently thus the quality and accuracy of the image is maintained. BMP is universal and can be used by all programs.

PDF File Format

PDF is a famous file format that stands for portable document format. It is used when you have to save files that can not be edited and are easy to print and share. Most devices nowadays have a version of Adobe Reader or it is simply opened by an internet browser.

Why use PDF files?

PDF is used to conserve the file format. It looks the same on any device it is opened. For example you create a newsletter in ms word and share it as docx.file . it can only be opened by a receiver who has installed ms word in their pc or laptops. There is no guarantee that subscribers will open the newsletter and read your content. Therefore pdf file formatting is preferred for sharing important documents.

PDFs are meant for viewing not editing. For editing ms word is there and for preserving document formatting pdfs are being used. It makes files more shareable and helps them look the same as on any device. It helps ensure your newsletter is able to be viewed on any device.


Both PDFs and BMPs are digital file formats used for separate purposes. They are used for storing documents, images and other types of files. Both file formats have different purposes.

For storing documents pdfs are widely used.  It’s popular since it’s easy to share and view on any device. PDFs are frequently used to share papers like contracts, resumes, and other crucial data. BMPs are used for storing images of high quality. Image file can be converted from BMP to PDF.


PDFs are used for retaining ,viewing and sharing of documents while BMP is used for regular preserving images. The need of BMP to PDF is required when sending images to users. Due to high quality photos the size of the image is large and converting to PDF will cut down the size. Pictures will be easily sent.

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