Police Studies students go beyond the classroom

Police Studies students, from Ayrshire College and Kenny Allison, from Ayrshire College (front right) at the start of their “Beat the Street” walk

AYRSHIRE College Police Studies students are going above and beyond their coursework, actively contributing to the community while gaining valuable skills for their future careers. 

The students are collaborating with David Porte, Thriving Communities Team Leader for Community Safety at South Ayrshire Council, on an anti-social behaviour initiative, as they learn to identify and report such incidents, which will hopefully lead to a safer environment for everyone.  

Additionally, they are embracing the “Beat the Street” initiative, creating new walking routes incorporating “beat boxes” — and encouraging residents of all age groups to participate in this fun and healthy activity that promotes physical wellbeing and community engagement. 

Building on the success of their “Seasonal Stroll” initiative in December 2023, the students are continuing their Paths for All Green Health walk leader training. These walks provide opportunities for students to interact with the community, promoting a sense of wellbeing while enhancing their leadership skills. 

Several are already certified leaders, participating in the BRIT Challenge — the British Inspiration Trust’s annual event which aims to improve the mental health and fitness of young adults and students throughout the UK and raise vital funds for local, regional and national charities, alongside BRIT. 

Participation in these initiatives allows students to gain practical experience in areas such as community engagement, anti-social behaviour identification and leadership: — skills highly sought-after in law enforcement careers. These experiences enrich their CVs and equip them with valuable talking points for future interviews, providing a competitive edge. 

Elaine Zenati, Curriculum Manager at Ayrshire College, said: “Education is so much more than lessons within the classroom — we pride our students and staff in being community champions who are actively influencing future generations by making a real difference. By promoting health, safety and community spirit, they show that society matters to them, all while gaining essential skills for their chosen careers.”

Ayrshire College is proud of the Police Studies students and their dedication to help make a positive impact on the community. 

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