N4 Partners Boosts Investment in NeuroClin, a Leading Neurological Research Organisation in Scotland


N4 PARTNERS has increased its investment in NeuroClin, a pioneering neurological research organisation based in Eurocentral, with a focus on conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

N4 Partners has announced a significant seven-figure investment into NeuroClin, solidifying its commitment to the pioneering neurological research organisation based in Eurocentral, Scotland’s prominent business hub. This additional investment reinforces N4’s position in NeuroClin, known for its groundbreaking work in understanding complex neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and depression.

The investment comes as NeuroClin experiences a transformative phase, marked by strategic advancements. The organisation, supported by Foresight Group, Fullbrook Thorpe Investments, and N4, has seen notable developments under the leadership of Jeff Thomis, a seasoned global pharmaceutical executive appointed as its Chair. NeuroClin has recently moved its headquarters to Eurocentral, launched a Parkinson’s research program, and expanded its workforce to approximately 60 employees, contributing to local job creation.

Allan Dowie, Partner at N4, expressed enthusiasm about the increased investment, stating, “We are delighted to announce our increased position and partnership in such an exciting business with incredible market opportunities.” He emphasised N4’s pride in supporting NeuroClin, a research entity making significant strides in producing life-changing insights for individuals worldwide dealing with neurological conditions.

Jeff Thomis, NeuroClin’s Chair, highlighted the positive developments over the last three years and the meaningful partnerships that have contributed to building the clinic’s global reputation. He looks forward to further expansion, recognizing the strong platform developed by NeuroClin.

Founded in 1999, NeuroClin has been a prominent global centre for Alzheimer’s vaccine research. The recent investment from N4 Partners aligns with NeuroClin’s mission to advance neurological research and make a lasting impact on understanding and treating challenging conditions affecting millions worldwide.

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