MSPs boost budgets by up to 70% amid surging IT demand

ETB’s latest eBook ‘A changing tide – booming MSP budgets and the role of refurbished IT’

A NEW report from ETB Technologies reveals that 80% of managed service providers (MSPs) have significantly increased their IT budgets to meet growing enterprise demand.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are responding to the surging demand for enterprise IT by boosting their spending, with 80% of respondents increasing their budgets, according to a report from ETB Technologies. The study found that 67% of MSPs have doubled their budget, while 27% reported an increase of 60-70%. Refurbished IT equipment remains popular, with 30% currently buying refurbished tech, and 84% having done so in the past.

The report, titled “A changing tide – booming MSP budgets and the role of refurbished IT,” delves into the trends and challenges faced by MSPs in spending, sustainability, IT strategy, and the use of refurbished technology.

The research highlights a shift in IT strategy post-pandemic, with over 80% of respondents reporting an increased demand for enterprise IT equipment. The move towards a hybrid cloud strategy is evident, with 62% of MSPs considering or already in the process of declouding.

Nick Stapleton, Managing Director at ETB

Nick Stapleton, Managing Director at ETB, commented on the industry’s challenges: “The past few years have been particularly challenging for the IT industry. The impact of the pandemic, Brexit, geopolitical and economic turbulence, climate change, and supply chain disruptions – to name a few – have created a challenging business environment for the industry. Despite these challenges, spending is on the up but budgets are having to spread further than ever, making maximising value for money vital.”

He added, “As common misconceptions of refurbished equipment begin to dissipate, it’s encouraging to see so many MSPs embracing this technology in today’s climate.” For further details and the full e-book, visit the ETB website.

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