Leased Premises Security Measures: How to Protect Your Business from Threats 


WHEN it comes to running a business, ensuring the security of your leased premises is of utmost importance. Various threats, such as fires, floods, animals, and others, can pose significant risks to your operations, assets, and personnel. In this article, we will explore essential security measures that can help safeguard your business against these potential dangers. By implementing these precautions, you can minimise the impact of unforeseen incidents and protect your leased premises effectively. 

Fire safety and security measures:

A barbecue party in your own backyard with comfortable outdoor furniture is the dream of almost every homeowner or tenant. However, where there is fire, there is always danger. Fires can wreak havoc on any business, resulting in property damage, loss of assets, and potential damage to employees and customers. One of the first steps to protect outdoor furniture from damage and fires is to choose quality and fire resistant outdoor furniture. For instance, you can check the online catalogue at Beach furniture and swimming pool furniture made of wood should be located as far as possible from fires and grills.  

Flood Prevention and Mitigation:

Excess water can cause serious damage to your business premises, leading to significant repair costs and business shutdowns. This affects not only houses in regions prone to flooding. Weather with a lot of rainfall may cause such problems. Advance protection of rental premises from possible floods includes the following security measures:

Appropriate drainage systems: Make sure your space has proper drainage systems to drain excess water away from the building.

Waterproofing: The most frequently flooded areas are basements and lower floors. Thus, in these areas, a sealed waterproofing system is needed to prevent damage to your property and eliminate possible losses.

Pump installation. If, nevertheless, a certain amount of water has leaked out, it is better to be prepared and have the means to remove it quickly.

Regular Inspections: Scheduled inspections will identify potential vulnerabilities where there is a high risk of flooding. This will give you the opportunity to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Animal Intrusion Prevention:

Animals, whether wild or domestic, can cause damage to your leased premises and pose safety risks to employees and customers. Here are some security measures to keep animals at bay:

Secure Entrances and Exits: Ensure that doors, windows, and other potential entry points are properly sealed and secured to prevent animals from gaining access.

Fencing and Barriers: Install fences or barriers around the perimeter of your premises to deter animals from entering the premises.

Pest Control Measures: Implement pest control measures, such as regular inspections and treatments, to minimise the risk of animal intrusion. 

Some extra essential tips for preventing fire damage in these specific areas, promoting tenant safety and peace of mind 

Install Fire-Safe Barbecue Equipment:

Barbecue areas are popular among tenants, but they can be potential fire hazards if not managed properly. Install fire-safe barbecue equipment, such as grills with automatic shut-off mechanisms, temperature regulators, and built-in grease traps. Ensure that the grills are positioned a safe distance away from any combustible materials like wooden structures, plants, or fences. Regularly inspect and maintain the grills to address any potential malfunctions or safety issues promptly.

Implement Clear Safety Guidelines:

Educate tenants about fire safety measures specific to barbecue areas, terraces, and outdoor spaces. Clearly communicate rules, regulations, and guidelines for the use of grills and other fire-related activities. Emphasise the importance of responsible and supervised use, and the prohibition of unattended or overnight fires. Encourage tenants to have fire extinguishers readily available and educate them on their proper usage.

Adequate Ventilation and Fireproofing:

Ensure proper ventilation in barbecue areas and outdoor spaces to minimise the accumulation of smoke and fumes. Install smoke detectors or fire alarms in the vicinity to provide early warning in case of a fire. Consider fireproofing the surroundings with non-combustible materials such as fire-resistant screens, flame-retardant fabrics for furniture, and fireproof coatings for wooden structures. Regularly inspect and maintain these fireproofing measures to ensure their effectiveness.

Maintain Clear Pathways and Accessibility:

Keep outdoor areas clutter-free and maintain clear pathways to facilitate easy evacuation in case of an emergency. Remove any flammable debris, dry leaves, or combustible materials that may pose a fire risk. Ensure that emergency exits are unobstructed and well-lit for safe evacuation during any unforeseen incidents. Regularly trim trees or overhanging branches near outdoor spaces to minimise fire hazards.  

Regular Inspections and Maintenance:

Conduct routine inspections of barbecue areas, terraces, and outdoor spaces to identify and rectify any potential fire hazards. Check for faulty electrical connections, damaged wiring, or other fire-prone conditions. Maintain proper cleanliness and upkeep to prevent the accumulation of flammable materials or substances. Promptly address any issues that may compromise fire safety, such as faulty gas lines or leaking propane tanks. 


Protecting your leased premises from various threats, including fires, floods, animals, and other risks, is vital for the continuity and security of your business. By implementing the aforementioned tips, property owners can significantly reduce the risk of fire-related incidents, ensuring the safety of tenants and protecting their investment. Remember, proactive measures and regular maintenance are key to ensuring a safe and secure environment for your business operations, employees, and valuable assets. 

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