Jurassic Park roars back to life as school creates hilarious video in tribute to classic movie 30 years on

Kelvinside Academy rector Dan Wyatt recreates a famous scene from Jurassic Park (Photo: Elaine Livingstone)

SOME of the most famous moments in cinema history have been hilariously recreated by a Scottish school to celebrate 30 years since the release of blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. 

Pupils and teachers at Kelvinside Academy, in Glasgow, star in the 60 second ‘Jurassic Academy’ movie trailer-themed video in tribute to the Steven Spielberg science fiction classic that broke box office records worldwide following its release in June 1993. 

Fans will recognise dozens of references to iconic Jurassic Park scenes in Kelvinside Academy’s video – from hatching dinosaur eggs, a vibrating water glass, and a dinosaur attack in the jungle, to THAT terrifying kitchen sequence. 

Kelvinside Academy Rector Dan Wyatt even makes a special appearance as a gamekeeper hunted by vicious velociraptors – ‘clever girl’. 

Kelvinside created the video with the help of video production company Lost Clock and TeachRex, a team of former teachers who provide live-action immersive workshops to bring the world of dinosaurs to life for school pupils. TeachRex visited the school to work with pupils in May. 

The video will be premiered ahead of a special lunchtime screening of Jurassic Park at Kelvinside Academy on June 9 – exactly 30-years since the premiere of the original movie in the Uptown Theatre in Washington, D.C..     

Mr Wyatt said: “We’re always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of education and offer our pupils an experience beyond the traditional classroom experience. 

“Children have always loved learning about dinosaurs, and we wanted to evolve that experience and show what Kelvinside is about – doing things differently and having fun at the same time.

“The children have loved learning in this way – and about Jurassic Park – and while it may be their parents and teachers that remember the film first time round, they certainly won’t forget this experience 30 years on. As Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm says in the movie – ‘life finds a way’.

“And when it comes to finding new ways to push education forward, Kelvinside finds a way, too.” 

The original movie – starring Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough – was based on Michael Crichton’s 1990 novel of the same name about the escape of genetically recreated dinosaurs at a wildlife theme park off the coast of Costa Rica. 

It was one of the first movies to feature large-scale CGI special effects which were used to bring the dinosaurs to life on screen and has since grown into one of the most successful movie franchises of all time including five sequels. 

The 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park is being marked around the world, with events ranging from special screenings to classical concerts of the movie’s iconic music and even the unveiling of a new theme park ride at Universal Studios. 

To view the video, visit Kelvinside Academy’s YouTube channel. For more information about Kelvinside Academy, visit kelvinside.org

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