Inverness tops list as most enthusiastic Scottish city for Black Friday deals

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

AS the annual Black Friday tradition approaches, a recent study by BoohooMAN reveals that Inverness takes the lead as the Scottish city most fervently searching for Black Friday deals, with an average of 3,413 monthly searches per 100,000 residents. Glasgow closely follows, ranking second with 3,384 searches, while Edinburgh secures the third spot with an average of 2,933 searches per 100,000 residents.

Experts at BoohooMAN conducted a comprehensive analysis of 98 Black Friday-related terms over the past two years across 50 UK cities. The study, based on recent population estimates, sheds light on the cities where residents exhibit the highest interest in Black Friday deals.

Notably, Black Friday searches typically peak in November, aligning with the traditional shopping extravaganza. However, the study reveals that over 80% of searches occur in November of each year, indicating a growing trend of early planning and anticipation for the best deals.

Inverness’ top-ranking enthusiasm is evident in the average monthly search volume of 3,413, showcasing the city’s proactive approach to securing the best Black Friday bargains. Glasgow residents, with 3,384 average searches, and Edinburgh, with 2,933, closely follow suit in the pursuit of deals and discounts.

Dundee clinches the fourth position with a monthly search volume of 2,227, reflecting the city’s keen interest in Black Friday details. Aberdeen secures the fifth spot, boasting an average of 1,822 monthly searches per 100,000 residents, demonstrating residents’ eagerness to stay informed about Black Friday in the UK.

John McKinney, Head of Digital Marketing for BoohooMAN, shared insights into the significance of Black Friday deals, particularly in the realm of fashion. He highlighted the opportunity for shoppers to snag bargains on seasonal trends and essential items during this retail phenomenon.

As Black Friday approaches, the study suggests that Inverness leads the pack in anticipating and actively seeking the best deals, setting the stage for a bustling shopping season in the Scottish city.

For further details and insights, refer to BoohooMAN’s Black Friday Hub.

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