How To Create A Cohesive Brand For Your Business That Stands The Test Of Time: Top Tips

The right branding strategy can help your business to grow and become a recognisable face for your sector

BRANDING is, and to an extent, always has been at the forefront of business success. The right branding strategy can help your business to grow and become a recognisable face for your sector. 

It’s also remarkably easy to get branding wrong and spend a lot of time, effort and, worst of all, money on designs and solutions that don’t work or fit your company’s ethos. 

To help businesses throughout the corporate landscape to avoid this issue, we’ve created this list of handy tips to help you to build a brand that will become your business’s lasting legacy. 

Keep The Design Simple 

Simplicity is key when it comes to designing your brand’s logo and other visual marketing materials. If you choose something too complicated, then it will be confusing to viewers and won’t be instantly recognisable. Some of the biggest brands in the world have instantly identifiable branding that’s incredibly simple, such as the Nike check mark logo or the McDonald’s colourful M. So, when you’re choosing branding items for your business, focus on selecting something that is simple but effective. Focus on the major, noticeable details, such as colours and shapes, rather than small issues such as tiny flourishes that won’t be seen by anyone at a distance. 

Incorporate Your Brand Throughout Your Office Design 

Your company’s workspace is the perfect place to highlight your brand and reinforce brand recognition, so it’s important that you don’t waste a single opportunity. Creating an interior design that’s in line with your company’s culture and branding can be tough, which is why office refurbishment specialists Amos Beech have put together this handy guide. You can review how you can incorporate your company’s branding and cultural ideals into every aspect of your interior design so that you share a strong message to all of your employees, clients and visitors. 

Inform Your Employees And Emphasise The Importance Of Brand Cohesion 

When your branding is ready, and you’ve incorporated it into your workspace and onto your packaging and digital resources, you need to make sure that you inform your employees. Teach them exactly what your company’s branding looks like, explain the vision behind the choices that you have made and make sure that you reinforce the importance of branding for your business. This approach will ensure that your staff help you to drive brand recognition and are always aware of how they need to represent and promote your brand. As well as internal employees, you should also share details of your company’s branding and style with any external contractors who create resources for your business, such as packaging suppliers or designers. You can then ensure that everyone is aware of the style your brand embodies and how to share it with the world. 

A solid and recognisable brand can help your company to grow and become a renowned name in its industry. Branding is vital for modern businesses, particularly with the rise of the internet, which means that users can view branding and adverts on digital platforms hundreds of times a day. These tips should help you to understand the importance of a cohesive brand and how to build one for your organisation. 

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