Glasgow Kelvin College launches National Opportunity Day

Left to Right: Noma Dube, Gary Sharp and Siobhan McKenzie

GLASGOW Kelvin College has registered an official awareness day to celebrate all the opportunities available to people at college, and to show what’s possible during clearing

The first ever National Opportunity Day will take place on Wednesday, August 9. To mark the day, the college has opened its doors to people of all ages and stages to come and see what the college has to offer. 

The campaign has been backed by award-winning fashion designer Siobhan Mackenzie, a former student at the college. After graduating in fashion design and production, Siobhan has gone on to design kilts for the likes of Justin Bieber and Team Scotland for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Siobhan, who has since gained international recognition for her sustainable and innovative eco-conscious designs, said: “College opens up a world of opportunity and my memories of studying at Glasgow Kelvin College are extremely fond. 

“I moved four hours from home aged 17 but I had no reason to be nervous. From the moment I walked into the college it instantly felt like home and the fashion department a family. 

“I was so incredibly lucky to have such nurturing lecturers who went above and beyond for mine and my fellow students’ education. 

“My skill set learnt in college has crucially prepared me for industry and has given me the knowledge needed to forge a career in my field. It was hard work but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

“I’m very proud to have gone to Glasgow Kelvin College and I hope this will open people’s eyes to the possibilities available at the college.” 

Students across Scotland will receive their results on Tuesday, August 8, with the clearing process beginning that day. 

Gary Sharp, Student Support Services’ Manager at the college, has advised students to keep an open mind and look at all options available.

He said: “Speaking to prospective students and making them aware of all the opportunities available to them is always the best part of my job, as very few people really understand what’s possible. 

“Results day is clearly an important day for many, but it’s not the end of the road. Regardless of whether you’ve just received your exam results, or if you’re ten years into your career, there are a wide variety of different trades, industries, and professions available. 

“College creates the workforce of the future, embedding practical skills that will stand the test of time. Whatever your passions, skills or interests, there’s a place for you at Kelvin, and an opportunity waiting to be seized.

“We are passionate about supporting students to make ‘non traditional’ choices, such as the excellent career opportunities for women in STEM, and men entering childcare, caring and nursing professions” 

Also involved is Noma Dube, a student who is currently employed by Glasgow Kelvin College and was a former Student President while she studied Applied Science at the college last year. 

At Glasgow Kelvin College’s Open Day on Wednesday, August 9, the same day as National Opportunity Day, the college’s advice and guidance teams will be on hand to help guide visitors  through the wide range of subjects and levels available. 

Find out more on Glasgow Kelvin College‘s website.

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