East Kilbride Tech firm plans for growth with appointment into new role

Stephanie Kelly

AN AMBITIOUS software firm has announced the appointment of a key new position as it looks inward to drive business growth. 

Stephanie Kelly has joined Eureka Solutions as HR and Learning and Development Manager after nearly two decades of experience working in the profession.

Joining from Parker Technical Services, Stephanie will play a key role in further advancing training opportunities for 65 members of staff as well as developing relationships with schools, colleges, and universities across the UK. 

She will take on a range of responsibilities within the firm as it doubles down on its commitment to invest in its team and offer unmatched professional growth within a highly competitive profession. 

Former Hunter High School pupil Stephanie, said: “My first interaction with Eureka Solutions was while I was working at Goals Soccer Centres and they were implementing Sage. It was such a smooth transition across both the technical and customer side, which I really admired.  

“When I saw the role advertised, I knew it was too good an opportunity to miss as the specification aligned with my goals. The firm is also going through an intense period of growth which I was keen to be part of.”

Stephanie embodies the firm’s belief that technical expertise with personalised, customer-led service is the key for it to run more effectively, efficiently and profitably. 

She added: “Training and development have always been areas I’ve been passionate about throughout my career due to my own life experiences. When I left school, I felt pressured that university was the only way to go, and although it is for many there are also some, like me, that it isn’t right for. 

“That’s why playing a key role in the modern and graduate apprenticeships at Eureka Solutions chimed home. It’s refreshing to see a company keen to give individuals first-hand experience whilst going through theory-based training too. 

“Eureka Solutions is focused on giving employees the tools to become experts in their division and to be the best they can be – which is something I’ll be working on closely as we continue to engage with staff at all levels to ensure everyone is on board and knows what the end goal is.”

The mother-of-two still lives locally to the East Kilbride firm, and hopes to introduce a training academy in the near future to ensure talent is maintained and developed, while continuing to welcome and train up the next generation across all divisions from marketing to computer science. 

She is also passionate about continuing her own learning and is currently undergoing a Chartered Management Institute qualification.

As well as taking on the new role, Stephanie brings her qualification as Mental Health First Aider.  She will be offering knowledge and support on a voluntary basis, adding: “In my previous role during lockdown mental health became a real issue and I felt like I was in a position to do something positive, that’s why I decided to undertake the training course.

“The training has taught me how to understand common issues related to mental health and when to signpost someone to a professional. It was an eye-opening learning and one which I’m really proud of and hopefully, my understanding will help someone in some way.” 

Eureka Solutions is one of the UK’s foremost experts in Oracle NetSuite, a software solution used by successful businesses across the world. Known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), when properly tailored it allows a business of any size to make sure crucial business processes and data are within one system – and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

David Lindores, Chief Executive at Eureka Solutions said: “Stephanie brings a wealth of experience across the HR sector and has skills that will help us drive positive change and growth, making her a real asset to the team.”

Eureka Solutions is a £4.5m-a-year business with 65 staff and clients across tech, sport, hospitality, non-profit, wholesale distribution, ecommerce and other sectors. As well as specialising in NetSuite and Sage it also offers a proprietary systems integration tool, Cloud Data Exchange.

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