Barrhead Travel marks record year amidst continued high holiday demand

Jacqueline Dobson, President at Barrhead Travel

BARRHEAD TRAVEL, a prominent UK travel agency, is poised to conclude 2023 as its “best ever” trading year, experiencing sustained high demand.

Glasgow-based Barrhead Travel Group reports 11 consecutive record-breaking months, with December expected to yield record sales, contributing to a year-to-date booking increase of 26% compared to 2019.

Despite a dip in national retail sales, Barrhead Travel’s high street presence remains vibrant, citing over 25% growth in in-store sales. The agency attributes this success to persistent travel demand and a return to trusted agents.

Forward bookings for 2024 show strong performance, with customers securing holiday plans earlier than usual. Approximately 25% of new bookings are for last-minute winter holidays in the 2023/24 period.

Barrhead Travel’s plans for 2024 include expansion with new store openings, refurbishments, and investments in technology. Jacqueline Dobson, President at Barrhead Travel, emphasises the commitment to smart and sustainable growth, recording the highest-ever sales, and foresees continued success in 2024.

Dobson states, “Holidays remain a spending priority for consumers of all ages. The demand for a reputable travel agent is at an all-time high,” expressing optimism about expanding throughout the UK.

The travel agency is set to unveil a USA specialist division in early 2024 as part of its broader organic growth strategy. Dobson notes, “Our commitment to investing in retail has never wavered,” anticipating the announcement of new locations in the first quarter of 2024.

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