Bottled Tea Market on the rise in Scotland


THE BOTTLED tea market in Scotland is characterized by local segments, particularly in major cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee etc. These cities represent the largest markets for tea packaged in canned goods due to larger populations and different customers. But this market extends beyond urban areas, as bottled tea is popular across the country.

Regional market share in Scotland:

These areas may have different market shares, but Glasgow and Edinburgh are expected to contribute the largest share of the market due to high population density and high consumption Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland will have, and dominate, the largest market share immediately after Edinburgh about. Collectively these two clusters account for close to 70% of total demand in Scotland. Aberdeen and Dundee are also likely to have a larger market share, although it could be comparatively smaller.

Factors driving market growth:

The growth of the canned tea market in Scotland is driven by several factors:

Health and Wellness Promotion: Increased consumer health consciousness has led to demand for healthier beverages, including bottled teas with less sugar and natural ingredients

Convenience: Bottled tea is an easy on-the-go drink, especially for busy city dwellers.

Innovations in tea flavours: New and exotic tea flavours introduced by manufacturers are popular with a large section of consumers.

Marketing and promotion: An effective marketing campaign highlighting the health benefits of tea and environmentally friendly packaging can significantly increase sales.

Distribution channels: The high availability of products in supermarkets, convenience stores and online platforms provides accessibility and market penetration.

Leading companies in the market include:

Jeeva Naturals: A Scotland-based company producing a range of natural and organic bottled teas, offering flavours such as green tea, black tea, and herbal infusions.

Tea People: A Scotland-based social enterprise selling bottled iced teas, focusing on high-quality, ethically sourced tea products and supporting educational projects in tea-growing regions.

Sinfully Wholesome: Known for their cold-pressed teas made with natural ingredients, Sinfully Wholesome offers unique flavour combinations that have gained popularity due to their health-conscious offerings.

Karma Cola: Recognized for their cola products, Karma Cola also offers bottled tea variations, such as gingerella and lemongrass, with unique flavours that have gained popularity in Scotland.

Mahtay: Specializing in bottled iced teas infused with natural fruit flavours, Mahtay has a presence in various markets, including Scotland, and offers a refreshing alternative to traditional bottled teas.

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