Assurance of Learning and Rubycom launch performance improvement tools online

Assurance of Learning conducting a training session (Photo credit- Iska Birnie Photography)

MANAGEMENT consultancy company, Assurance of Learning Limited, and the financial services company, Rubycom Limited, have announced the signing of a new framework agreement, which will enable businesses to better manage their financial performance via a digital training platform.

Through the agreement, which launched this week, the two companies will integrate the skills of their respective consultancy teams to provide tailored one-to-one coaching and mentoring services. This will involve Assurance of Learning blending its training, coaching, and mentoring skills with the financial skills of the Rubycom team.

The launch of this new Performance Improvement tool comes at a time when many businesses are being challenged with debt restructuring, downsizing, cost eradication, and exploring new business models in response to the economic impact of the pandemic.

It is envisaged that providing access to the interactive tools on a digital platform from launch will enable businesses to quickly access key skills to increase independence and agility in managing financial performance activities.

Commenting on the new agreement, Scott Davidson, Managing Director of Rubycom said: “We are pleased to have signed this framework agreement with Assurance of Learning. It will provide a great platform through a dedicated training provider and increase the accessibility of our finance training courses and bespoke finance coaching and mentoring offering.”

Duncan Bonner, Managing Director of Assurance of Learning added: “Whilst Assurance of Learning has the expertise to work with businesses to focus on HSEQ and operational performance improvement, we also recognise the importance of ensuring financial performance and improvement isn’t neglected. By working with the Rubycom experts to provide this bespoke coaching and mentoring service, we are now able to offer this as a combined or standalone solution to our customers. Launching this on a digital platform will also enable businesses to access essential tools to drive continuous performance improvement at a particularly challenging time in the market.”

Both companies are currently active in the technology, manufacturing, construction, and energy sectors, servicing clients in the UK market, as well as globally.

Whilst the Performance Improvement tool has been launched online to make it easily accessible for all businesses in the current economic climate, there are plans to extend the tool for in-person coaching and mentoring services. This will allow companies to choose how they want to engage with the services and tailor it to their individual learning styles and needs.

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