Asda Perth colleague praised as ‘ray of sunshine’ for customers

Matthew Miller

ASDA PERTH colleague Matthew Miller is a firm favourite with customers who say he’s a ray of sunshine who brightens up their day.

Forty-one-year-old Matthew, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has been highly praised after receiving hundreds of positive comments from shoppers.

Customers have made numerous positive comments such as: Matthew ‘is a ray of sunshine and a credit to Asda’, and that ‘Matthew on checkouts is always cheery and makes my day. He never forgets anyone’s name’, ‘Matthew is always cheerful – makes shopping a very pleasant experience’, and ‘Matthew is a joy.’

Matthew has worked at the store for 15 years and is a familiar face on the checkouts and as a porter. He commented: 

“I feel that my Asperger’s gives me special advantages, I’m very thorough and I like to give 101 percent to anything that I’m doing.

“Asperger’s doesn’t come without its difficulties or challenges though, but in general I embrace what I have and use it to my advantage.

“I’ve often talked to customers who believe they have family members who have Asperger’s and I always say if they ever want to talk or have any questions then I’m always happy to help. I’d like people to have a better understanding of it.

“I love my job as you not only get to meet people from Perth, but elsewhere too. You meet and serve new people every day, but you also get your regulars too and get to know their names.

“I always ask them what they are up to and how their holiday went, that sort of thing. I’m just being myself. I treat people the way I’d like to be treated. I always like to be pleasant and like to give a personal touch. It’s always nice to get good and positive feedback – who doesn’t like that? To be nominated for a service superstar award is fantastic. It’s always nice to be recognised for the work you do.”

Debbie Wilson, Asda Perth’s Services Section Leader, has known Matthew since he started working at the store in 2009.

Debbie said: “He is a very upbeat, happy chappy. You never see Matthew down, he is remarkable.

“He looks on his Asperger’s as a positive thing. It enhances his job – he is amazing. He gets hundreds of comments from customers praising him and because of his Asperger’s, he has an outstanding memory. He can remember every customer’s name.”

Asda Perth Store Manager, Adrian Okolski added:

“Matthew is an amazing colleague who provides wonderful service every shift he is in.

“The feedback we get about Matthew is very consistent and only very positive. He’s extremely helpful.”

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