Alternative COP28 Event Comes to Edinburgh


NATIONWIDE sustainability event Congress of the People Planet Pints (COPPP) is coming to Edinburgh on Thursday, November 30th. An alternative to COP28, it is part of a nationwide party to empower people to take action in their local community, and highlight the great work that is already going on.

The event, which is hosted by sustainability professional Constanza Moreno-Sánchez in partnership with The Melting Pot, is the perfect opportunity for those with an interest in sustainability to meet like-minded people, make connections and friends. It’s a chance to enjoy a drink from our sponsor Barney’s Beer while sharing ideas and finding inspiration on how they can take action across the local area. All attendees will be treated to a free drink!

The event will feature an esteemed lineup of guest speakers, including Mark Shayler, the author of “You Can’t Make Money from a Dead Planet,” Laurie Macfarlane, co-director of Future Economy Scotland, Max Schmidt, a Climate Finance Consultant from Perspectives Climate Group, Lee Fitzpatrick from Zebra Growth, and Charlie Wright from EVOC. Attendees are promised insightful and engaging discussions on sustainability and the future of our planet.

The free-ticket COPPP event is being held in towns and cities across the country to coincide with COP28, when the world leaders gather in Dubai to discuss climate change.

PPP founder Adam Bastock said:

“COPPP is about starting broad conversations across all parts of the community, not just for sustainability experts, but anyone who is concerned or curious. There is no agenda, workshops or webinars at our events. It’s simply a chat over some drinks where you can meet others and hear about the work that is happening locally.”

The first People, Planet, Pint was an impromptu event at COP26 in Glasgow, with 30 people turning up to talk about sustainability in a friendly and relaxed space. The event has now brought together over 10,000 people at more than 450 events.

COPPP is the largest meeting to date, with free-ticket events running simultaneously across Edinburgh (30th of November), Glasgow, Canterbury, Richmond, Bearsted, Cambridge, Cheltenham, and Croydon, Newcastle, Colchester, Chester,

Northampton, Sevenoaks, Wokingham, Leeds, Chipping Norton, Bristol, Manchester, Bath, Brighton, Nottingham, Sheffield, London and Farnham on Thursday, December 7.


Contact details: Constanza Moreno-Sánchez / 07513670683 /

Date and venue: The Melting Pot, 15 Calton Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8DL, Thursday, November 30th, 6-9.30 pm

About People, Planet, Pint

People, Planet, Pint is the brainchild of Small99 founder, Adam Bastock. Small99 helps small businesses across the UK to improve their sustainability programmes and achieve net zero emissions while building a more resilient and profitable company at the same time.

People Planet Pint is a space where everyone can feel comfortable learning about sustainability and sharing their ideas. After all, creating a sustainable future requires connected communities. And what better way to bring everyone together than over a drink?

Find out more about People, Planet, Pint and sign up for a local event here.

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