xDesign appoints new cloud chief and launches ‘full suite’ of cloud capabilities

Jamie Shields (Lead Cloud Architect) and Tina Howell (Chief Cloud Officer, xDesign)

TODAY (Thursday 18th May 2023), Edinburgh-headquartered digital delivery partner, xDesign, has launched a new cloud computing division which will be overseen by Tina Howell, who joins the company as its Chief Cloud Officer. The company’s new cloud offering will support existing and new clients to unlock the full benefits of solutions offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

As part of her team, Tina is joined by Lead Cloud Architect, Jamie Shields – both joining xDesign from previous employer, AND Digital. With over 20 years of cloud experience between them, the pair have developed xDesign’s new cloud offering which consists of a number of specific services that will cater for all businesses no matter where they are on their cloud computing journey.

For those organisations taking their initial steps into the cloud, xDesign is offering its ‘Consult and Architect’ services – meaning businesses start off on the right foot when it comes to having the right foundations in place and the necessary cloud architecture to support their present and future needs.

Its ‘Build and Migrate’ services will support and guide organisations in the migration, refactoring, and setting up of new cloud platforms – providing businesses with the agility and automation they need to move at pace. To ensure businesses are building cloud platforms that are ‘secure by design’, xDesign’s cloud team will be offering its ‘Security and Compliance’ services.

Finally, its ‘Operate and Optimise’ services are designed to help businesses better manage cloud platforms whilst unlocking greater cost and time savings as a result.

Talking about xDesign’s new cloud offering, Tina Howell, xDesign’s new Chief Cloud Officer, said:

“Put simply, cloud computing has fuelled the exponential digital transformation we’ve seen over the last few years – and are going to see at an increasing rate in the coming years. If harnessed correctly right from the beginning, cloud technology can provide all ambitious businesses with the scalability, speed to market and cost savings demanded in highly competitive and often uncertain global markets. Given this, we’ve developed an initial suite of services that are designed to support all businesses in unleashing their true potential no matter where they are in their journey – from starting out to fine-tuning and optimising their current infrastructure.

“It’s a real honour to join xDesign – a company with a fine reputation for high-quality products and delivery, on-point service and strong collaboration. All of these qualities have been at the forefront of our minds in developing the company’s new cloud services. By partnering with AWS, we want to provide clients with the knowledge, expertise and consultancy they need to make the very most of a technology which will only grow in importance in the coming years.”

Malcolm Seagrave, Chief Growth Officer at xDesign, said:

“xDesign’s new cloud proposition has been born out of the monitoring of major themes playing out in the market at present, whilst having listened carefully and responded to the needs of our clients. Throughout her career, Tina has always applied the vast amount of knowledge and experience she’s acquired over the years in building cloud platforms for some of the household names we know and love. What’s more, at a personal level she embodies the very values that xDesign was built on – particularly when it comes to building strong relationships with team members and clients and challenging ‘conventional’ ways of doing things.

“With Tina and her team on board, we now have the capability in place to drive our clients’ businesses even further forward – after all cloud capabilities are the vital underpinning to new technologies like AI and machine learning, whilst allowing organisations the scalable agility they need in fast-paced markets.”  

To coincide with the launch of its new cloud offering – xDesign will be holding a number of joint meet-up events with AWS to highlight the cloud solutions available via the partnership and to educate developers and commercial teams on how they can access them. 

For more information on the meetups, visit: https://www.xdesign.com/services/cloud/events

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