Wylie & Bisset’s Accountant in Bankruptcy contract extended by two years

Donald McKinnon
Donald McKinnon

Chartered Accountants Wylie & Bisset has had its contract with Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) extended by a further two years.

An Executive Agency of the Scottish Government responsible for administering the process of personal bankruptcy and recording corporate insolvencies in Scotland, AiB is responsible for the determination of personal and entity bankruptcy applications, making decisions on debt payment programme applications under the Debt Arrangement Scheme and protecting trust deeds.

Wylie & Bisset has held the AiB contract for a decade and is its biggest provider of insolvency services, being allocated some 60% of all cases in Scotland.

Wylie & Bisset Joint Managing Partner Donald McKinnon said: “We are delighted to have secured this contract extension for the delivery of a comprehensive range of personal bankruptcy services throughout Scotland.

“The extension of this contract stands as testament to the quality and range of expertise we have been delivering to AiB for over a decade now and we look forward to continuing our professional working relationship into 2021.”

Wylie & Bisset has nearly doubled in size over the last decade. It now has 11 partners and 120 staff and plans to achieve further significant growth over the short to medium term.

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