World’s Oldest Satellite Launch Broker Expands into Booming Scottish Space Industry

Image Credit : Pixabay

The multinational satellite launch broker, CST announced its intentions to establish a physical presence in Scotland with the hiring of space professional Andrew Paliwoda, Andrew has worked for a number of high-profile companies within the industry – leading projects funded by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.
 CST which is headquarted in London with offices in Moscow will soon add Glasgow to its lists. “I am overjoyed to be joining CST and am honoured to be leading this growth for the company, the Scottish space industry expanding at a rapid pace….” Andrew commented, he adds “there are few places in the world where a space mission be done in one place, with launch soon on the horizon, Scotland is the place”.

Scotland is rapidly becoming a hub for global space activity with companies active both in the hardware of space missions and the utilisation of space data such as earth observation. CST is heavily involved with the development of Scottish spaceports and has been working to ensure that launch from Scotland is a reality providing trajectory analysis, business planning, requirements engineering and a range of other services. 
This physical presence in Scotland will allow CST to better serve Scottish customers. Alan Webb notes “CST provides launch opportunities + suborbital opportunities through a variety of partners worldwide.  Working with a broker ensures customers get the best price and a get a seamless service where there are many hidden costs with launch that CST help to navigate”. “Launches soon to be happening from Scotland and this will aid CST to access these launches.” 

“This is a very exciting time for CST, Scotland has a lot to offer, and I believe that CST has a lot of offer Scotland. Andrew has a strong background and with a physical presence in Scotland we will be better able to offer our long list of services to the space industry. …”

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