World’s first fire service celebrates 200 years

Classic fire appliances maintained by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Heritage Trust will be on show at Skypark Glasgow on 11th June from 11am.

SKYPARK business destination has announced  it will host the Scottish Fire Brigades Heritage Trust’s, first public event in Glasgow celebrating 200 years of the world’s first fire service that was founded in Scotland by James Braidwood in 1824.

A commemorative coin celebrating the bravery of men and women of the Scottish fire service will also be unveiled for the first time in the West, on 11 June at 11 am by Dave Adam, Chair of the Scottish Fire Brigades Heritage Trust.

The events of 1824 will be brought to life at a public safety demonstration when pupils from Anderston Primary School and Headstart Nursery will join the Fire Brigade, the Scottish Ambulance Service Special Operations Team and Police Scotland.  The event will feature water safety awareness and a CPR demonstration for families by Police Scotland, alongside a special appearance by fire service mascot Hamish the Firedog.

Andy Carson, a volunteer event manager with the Scottish Fire Brigades Heritage Trust said: “The first fire service was founded in Edinburgh after James Braidwood’s family business was destroyed by fire. Braidwood went on to encourage the City’s governors to found the first public fire brigade in the world. Our event is a great opportunity for children, schools and the community to find out more about  working together to protect one another. Educating children at an early age on water safety awareness is a priority ahead of the summer break”.  

Dave Adam, Chairman of the Scottish Fire Brigades Heritage Trust continued:  “We are very proud  that the 200th year commissioned coin will be unveiled on the day. It represents the bravery of our men and women firefighters and the spirit of community protection that endures to this day.  Proceeds of the coin will go to the upkeep of the old appliances and the Scottish fire and rescue service museum in Greenock”.

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital, said: “Bringing our community together to commemorate 200 years of bravery and dedication of our fire service is not only humbling, but it also educates us all and strengthens our connections to keep us safe. Together, we can create a network of support that ensures the well-being of children and families in our community”.

The Scottish Fire Brigades Heritage Trust community event is free and open to the public.

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