World’s first ASME training course in wind turbine structural inspection launched with support from Business Gateway

Paul Wilkinson, Managing Director, WCET

A LEADING training provider has expanded its services and launched the world’s first ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) training course on wind turbine structural inspection, after receiving support from Business Gateway.  

Launched in 2017, Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training Ltd (WCET) offers technical training to businesses and individuals in the form of API and ASME plant inspector courses. With over 100 years of combined team experience and knowledge of the energy industry, WCET stands out from its competitors by providing bespoke integrity solutions to meet client needs.  

During the pandemic, the business received the opportunity to compile an inspection course focused purely on offshore wind turbines. This novel course is aimed at inspectors who are new to the industry or are transitioning from other industries. The course was designed to meet the operators needs and expands on the technical requirements and practical aspects of conducting visual inspection on offshore wind turbines. 

To help support the development of this new offering for the business, Paul Wilkinson, managing director, approached Business Gateway.  Following a package of support that included help with both marketing and innovation strategies, WCET is now offering many of their training courses and modules online while still retaining classroom options, as well as the new course in wind turbine inspection, certificated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  

WCET is one of the few ASME global authorised training organisations, delivering a wide range of technical asset integrity courses. With the exponential growth of wind farms across the world, WCET has now delivered several of these courses to firms and individuals looking to expand their services and provide extra scope when bidding for Wind Turbine inspection contracts. 

Paul accessed 1:1 business adviser support, as well as a suite of services from DigitalBoost, Scotland’s national digital training programme delivered by Business Gateway. This included webinars and a Digital Health Check. 

Paul and the team plan to continue utilising the skills and techniques developed as a result of accessing the support to improve WCET’s website, allowing the customer base, enquiries, and sales to grow further in the central belt and beyond.  

Paul Wilkinson, Managing Director, Wilkinson Coutts Engineering, said: “The skills we have acquired through Business Gateway’s support have helped us navigate a significant period of change at WCET. The marketing and business development support has been second to none and our teams found it easy to relate to our adviser John, who came from a technical background.  

“The advice from John has been second to none and we will continue to work with Business Gateway to increase enquiries and sales as they support our growth into a very different world from when we first founded, as we expand our operations in the UK and beyond.”  

John MacGillivray, Business Adviser, Business Gateway, said: “Businesses will need to continue to adapt to the pandemic as we move forward out of this crisis, and it’s amazing to see how Paul and the team have successfully grown and developed WCET through a range of Business Gateway services.  “No business is immune from change, and Business Gateway is expertly placed to help teams as they navigate the coming weeks and months, and ensure they are in a strong position to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way.” 

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