Work completed on major South Lanarkshire windfarm extension

Kype Muir Extension

ONPATH Energy (formerly Banks Renewables) has announced the completion of its Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm, which is now exporting clean, green electricity to the national grid after recently completing its construction phase.

Located just south of Strathaven in South Lanarkshire, the Kype Extension features 15 ultra-powerful turbines: four at 156 meters, three at 176 meters, and eight at 200 meters.

Notably, it was the first project in the UK to achieve 200-meter tip heights, marking a significant milestone in turbine technology and renewable energy.

The Kype Muir Extension will generate up to 67.2 MW of renewable electricity, meeting the annual needs of approximately 53,700 households. Combined with Kype Muir, it will offset carbon emissions equivalent to removing 30,700 petrol cars from the road each year.

Gordon Thomson, projects director at OnPath Energy said: “To get over the line with this milestone project is extremely rewarding.

“From our team here at OnPath, to a host of skilled local contractors, everyone has put in a huge amount of hard work to get to this point as we continue to play our part in creating a just transition that is fair and inclusive for everyone. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of onshore innovation in the UK, achieving the national first.”

“Kype Muir Extension is going to provide tens of thousands of homes with renewable energy and will have a hugely positive influence on government’s net-zero goals in a bid to create a cleaner, greener Scotland.” 

In 2022, the First Minister at the time Nicola Sturgeon officially marked the connection of the first 200m turbine at Kype Muir Extension, recognising it as a key time for Scotland’s renewable energy industry.

The South Lanarkshire wind farm is an extension of OnPath Energy’s 26-turbine Kype Muir Wind Farm site.

The extension will feature four 156m, three 176m and eight 200m-tall wind turbines. Scottish civil engineering firm RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd which was originally appointed by Banks Renewables to construct the first Kype Muir Wind Farm was also appointed as the contractor for the extension site.

The estimated lifetime regional spend from the first Kype Muir wind farm alone is expected to be around £123M and, as part of OnPath’s commitment to local business’, local contractors have been prioritised in the same way whilst developing Kype Extension.  

The Kype Muir and Kype Muir Extension wind farms have also brought significant community benefits, with a combined annual contribution of over £770,000 available to local people.

Gordon added: “Projects of this scale come hand in hand with long-lasting benefits to the local communities in which they are located, meaning we create value for community groups, businesses, and local initiatives throughout the wind farm’s lifetime.

“We’ve also been lucky to be able to invest in the local economy through the construction phase of this project, by creating local jobs and working closely with local contractors.

“This, and other OnPath projects, highlight how we continue to play our part in Scotland’s drive to meet its net-zero targets.”

The 41 turbines of Kype Muir and Kype Muir Extension will generate over 155MW of electricity each year, enough to supply renewable electricity to more than 123,000 homes, equivalent to a city larger than Aberdeen.

OnPath Energy is the new name for Banks Renewables. Find out more at

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