Why horses: the history of the appearance of cars with a horse on the logo

A horse on a car emblem is associated with power and speed

HORSES are probably one of the most widespread logos that exist nowadays. Yet how has it come that we associate them primarily with automobiles. That is what we have tried to find out in this article. Horse carriages were the first means of transport, with time, people began to use cars, and horses moved on the bonnets. Furthermore, a horse on a car emblem is associated with power and speed, as the horse is often seen in action, with its mane swinging. For this reason, manufacturers attract their customers, since it is obvious that such a car will be strong, speedy and elegant as well.

Have you ever noticed that the horse is usually featured on the emblems of premium car companies, whose vehicles are considered exclusive and desirable? However, while in the past only a small group of people could afford driving such luxury cars, the situation has changed over years. Due to the affordability and wide range of vehicles, rental services have gained popularity among many drivers. In addition, car rental is a great option for those who love comfort and mobility. Thus, being on holiday you can combine business with pleasure and hire a car to explore a new place on your own. Another advantage of the rental service are modest prices, you can be pleasantly surprised when you find out about the Chevrolet cars price in UAE. It’s definitely worth driving such a car once in a lifetime.


The undisputed pioneer among the most famous cars with a horse’s logo is for sure Ferrari. Founded in the early 19th century by Alfa Romeo and Enrico Barack, the company became extremely successful. Under the theory, Ferrari began to use the horse in its logo since it was originally a symbol of the Enrico family, whose father was a pilot, and it was his airplanes that had a horse depicted on the logo. The Ferrari horse is slightly different from that image, but today it is still used on luxury sports and racing cars and is a distinctive symbol of the brand.


However, not only Ferrari supercars use a prancing horse as their logo. Another car brand that produces high-end sports cars is Porsche. On the logo of this brand it is difficult to discern all the elements, but if you look closely, you can find in the middle a galloping horse. The Porsche brand logo is complex yet recognizable and many would dream to own such a vehicle.

Ford Mustang

It is common knowledge that the logos used by Ford cars are a blue oval with the word Ford written on it. Although, for the vehicle Ford Mustang, a different symbol has been chosen which is a galloping horse. Moreover, a whole class of cars was named after that exact vehicle – the Pony Car. This is how the cars were named for their sporty appearance and a weak engine, which was used to equip the vehicles with the basic configuration.


Baojun, a young Chinese automobile brand, has also picked the image of a horse as its logo. The horse’s prideful figure symbolizes confidence and strength. By the way, the most common model that went to the Western market under the logo of well-known Chevrolet is the crossover Baojun 510.

In this way, we can conclude that for more than a hundred years, the image of the horse has been a symbol of quality and power. We wonder if there will be new brands in the future that would also decide the stallion for their logo.

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