Water retailer saves customers £31.5m in one year

Jo Dow (CEO of Business Stream)

ONE OF the UK’s largest water retailers has saved its customers nearly £32million across the 2022/23 financial year.

Business Stream‘s customers have benefitted from over £15million of discounts in the period. 

In addition, water efficiency initiatives have amassed more than £14million in water savings and over £2million in energy savings, with water efficiency services such as digital monitoring solutions being used to help track consumption levels and identify opportunities to make cost reductions.

This equates to more than 7.5billion litres of water saved, the equivalent of 3,028 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

A total carbon saving of more than 3million kg of CO2 emissions – the equivalent to removing over 660 cars from the road – was also achieved by the Edinburgh based firm.

Overall, these figures have contributed to a total of £367million saved by Business Stream for its customers and over 62.7billion litres of water since 2008.

Jo Dow, Chief Executive of Business Stream said: “We’re delighted to be delivering these savings for our customers year on year.

“As the figures show, there is scope to make significant cost reductions and environmental efficiencies by using water wisely and, as a responsible water retailer, we’re passionate about supporting businesses and public sector bodies to realise these benefits”.

Business Stream saved Scottish public sector bodies such as NHS Scotland, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government £2.85million last year.

As a result of the retailer’s activities, the public sector also saved more than 1.365billion litres of water in that time period.

Business Stream was awarded the Scottish Government Public Sector Water and Waste Water Framework contract in early 2020. The contract, worth around £200 million over three years, also includes the Scottish Prison Service, universities and colleges and local authorities. In 2022, Business Stream was awarded an additional one-year extension to the contract, which is currently underway.

The savings success comes after Business Stream recently halved its carbon emissions in just one year, exceeding the retailer’s pledge to cut emissions by 20% over the same period.

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