Warcraft: Hunter class review and game tips for beginners

Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is considered to be the most successful WoW expansion ever.

WARCRAFT: Wrath of the Lich King is considered to be the most successful WoW expansion ever. According to statistics, the largest number of players was reached on WotLK. And if you ask fans of the game what their favorite add-on is, most will answer – Lich King.

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Now let’s focus on a Hunter class. The hunter deals damage from the furthest distance (41 yards). The arsenal of the hunter’s abilities is very wide.It allows the hunter to be one of the best solo PvE characters.


Hunter and Warlock are two classes that have combat pets. Unlike the warlock, the hunter can give his pet a name. Already from level 10, the pet becomes an indispensable companion of the hunter, keeping monsters away and inflicting pretty good damage on them.

Any beast can be tamed by a hunter (it must be no higher than him in level). The beast gains levels (cannot exceed the level of the hunter) and receives special points as it levels up. The hunter can teach his pet new abilities. 

Wild animals differ not only in the set of available abilities (for example, a cat cannot learn the poisoning abilities of a scorpion), but also in the speed of attack, running, life indicators, and others. The main thing is not to forget to find suitable ranks of his abilities for the pet and train them in time.

There can be only one pet at a time with a hunter, but with the help of special storages a hunter can keep up to three pets. Tthe change of an active pet takes place near such stables, usually located near taverns. You can always let your pet go free.

Pets need to be fed frequently. As time passes, he begins to starve, which negatively affects his mood and the damage he inflicts. Each type of creature has its menu. Boars, for example, eat everything, cats only eat meat and fish, and some ostriches eat only cheese, fruits, and mushrooms.


Another unique ability of the hunter is setting traps. Traps come in several types: exploding, setting on fire, slowing down, and completely restricting the movement of the enemy for a while. All these traps have undeniable benefits. No special trap ingredients are required to install.

The most popular is the Freezing Trap, which, unlike the abilities of other classes (Wrath of Druid Trees, Polymorph Mages, Banish Warlocks, etc.), affects all moving objects. But,of course, it cannot affect bosses.

Hunter Talents

Hunter’s talents usually make his pets stronger by increasing their damage, increasing the effectiveness of traps, increasing their duration, allowing you to shoot faster, and dealing more damage to the enemy.

Beast Mastery is a talent that enables the hunter to tame animals of various kinds and use them in battle. Marksmanship – is a sharpshooter who excels at long-range shooting. Survival is a ranger that relies on poisons, explosives, and pet assistance.

The role of the hunter in the group

The hunter is a fairly versatile character. Maybe that is the reason why this class was ranked first according to the statistics of distribution of WoW characters (2019). He deals significant damage with his shots. If there is a hunter in the group, then it is up to him to pull the monsters. Coupled with the ability to set traps and shackle monsters, the hunter can pretend to be dead in the event of an unsuccessful pull.

The uniqueness of the hunter in PvE is that, by dealing significant damage during the battle, he can completely nullify Aggro with Feign Death spell. Also, thanks to such a false death, the hunter can ensure the passage of part of the dungeon bypassing the monsters, thereby saving the group from the need to clear individual sections. All of this makes hunters very popular in 5-man dungeons.

Role of a hunter in group PvP

Dealing high damage against cloth-clad armor, with the longest attack range of any class, and having a fairly survivable pet, the hunter is a serious problem for enemies. Using traps allows you to take one enemy out of combat for a while (Freezing Trap) or slow down the entire enemy group (Resin Trap). And, of course, the detection of the enemy, with which the hunter can warn the group about the approach of the enemy.


As professions, a hunter can choose any he likes, but the following combinations will be most useful: Skinning/Leatherworking, Mining/Engineering, Herbalism/Alchemy, Engineering.

Perhaps our guide helped you take a fresh look at the hunter class and you have a desire to try it in the game. You can find him in every version, including Warcraft Classic and new Dragonflight that comes out in November 2022.

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