Utili-Tay launch Carbon Hub for businesses at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.

Left to Right: Stacy Edghill, Veera Saavola, Craig Elder (Managing Director of Utili-Tay) cutting the Ribbon, Paul Walker, John Gilfillan, Michelle Almeida and Jackie Ramsay-Fraser

UTILI-TAY launched their Carbon Hub at Michelin Park Scotland on Friday 19th May welcoming over 130 guests with speakers including John Thomson, Director of DC Thomson, Gordon Jack of Everflow, Craig Elder Managing Director of Utili-Tay and business coaching consultant, Jamie McBrearty. Their discussions highlighted the importance of a change in mindset so that businesses can actually achieve Net Zero targets, while saving money on energy bills at the same time.  

As energy prices continue to fluctuate, it adds to the existing challenges that businesses face on a daily basis in order to remain profitable. At Utili-Tay their team of energy experts are on a mission to eliminate wasted energy to create a stronger, cleaner economy.   

According to Energy Saving Trust, the average small and medium sized enterprise (SME) could reduce bills by 18-25% by installing energy efficiency measures and implementing behavioural change.  

Craig Elder, Managing Director of Utili-Tay explained: “While companies can easily be fixated on the cost per KwH, it is equally important to look at how they are using that energy, to identify how they could reduce it to meet climate change targets and lower their energy bills at the same time.”  

“We were motivated to create the Carbon Hub after watching businesses across the area look bewildered about how to achieve Net Zero in their workplace. The Hub will act as a space to bring industry and energy experts together to collaborate and overcome hurdles they are facing. Only by working together can we efficiently reduce energy wastage and create a cleaner, thriving local economy built for generations to come.”  

Util-Tay also introduced their carbon monitoring equipment, Eniscope, at the event. Inviting creators of the product to explain its capabilities in being able to connect wirelessly to individual devices across a worksite to receive live energy data and cross reference it against occupancy, humidity and temperature to give an accurate report on how energy is being used in real-time. 

The hardware and software tracking solution will also enable businesses to monitor progress as they start to implement changes in operations according to their energy strategy. The data monitoring solution has already been installed at local firm A.M Phillips and is due to be installed at Haar restaurant in St Andrews just shortly.  

Commenting on the upcoming installation across the Dean Banks restaurant group, which includes restaurants Haar, Forager, Dulse, Waagyu Burger Dean Banks explained “The hospitality sector has faced many challenges in recent years and the current energy market has been the final straw for many.  We take climate change and our responsibility to be as sustainable as possible while we move to achieve Net Zero. One of the most efficient ways to save money and reduce our carbon footprint is to simply use less. The data from Eniscope will be powerful in giving us the evidence to make changes, monitor progress and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”  

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