UniqueAssembly have announced that there will be additional activities at Hogmanay


HOGMANAY is a fire festival: according to ancient beliefs, a bright hot flame personified life, and only it could withstand severe frosts, with the advent of which the world plunged into a semblance of death for several months. Therefore, the Scottish New Year has all kinds of “fiery” performances: torchlight processions, fire shows, fireworks, etc.

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Holiday program

The festive program this year will delight you with its diversity.

Recently, the organizers of the UniqueAssembly have announced that there will be additional activities during the festival.

Favorites of local residents and tourists will also be invited, and there will also be a candlelight concert at St. Giles’ Cathedral, but that’s not all.

First Footin’, a brand-new live performance program, will be featured on the New Year’s program. It’s nice to know that the program is absolutely free.

The first significant Night Afore Disco Party concert with Sophie Ellis-Bextor will take place on December 30. On December 31, a Street Party and Midnight Moment concert will take place after the first concert. Additionally, you will be able to attend the Final Fling concert on the final day, January 1. Although concerts are expensive events, there are plenty of free activities for kids and their families in the Hogmanay calendar if you don’t want to spend money on concerts.

Who will play at the candlelight concert this year

The Candlelight Concert at St. Giles’ Cathedral will take place on December 31, in anticipation of the New Year.

The concert will be held with the help of such musical elements: organ, choir, and brass.

The following songs will be played:

“I was Glad by Perry’s song “;

“Gloria” by John Rutter;

“Winter Night” by Cecilia McDowell.

All compositions will be performed by the cathedral choir under the direct direction of Jordan English and Michael Harris. A rather young wind ensemble Carnyx Brass will be an addition to them.

Free events

Thanks to the excellent organizers, people who come to the celebration will have the opportunity to see more events for free.

On January 1, the Sprogmanay event will return to the National Museum. At this free event, both children and their parents will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy an interesting and exciting program.

In addition, after Sprogmanay, you can go to Ceilidh Sprogmanay, where you can enjoy dancing and introduce your children to good music.

New event

For the first time, the festival will host a free evening of performances and live music – First Footing’. The performances will take place in famous places, so it will be difficult to miss it. Here you mix business with pleasure: you will not only enjoy pleasant music and interesting performances, but also take a walk around the city.

This is the latest news regarding the upcoming celebration. If you would like to learn more about the Hogmanay program, please visit edinburghshogmanay.com. On this site you can also buy tickets for paid events. 

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