Union looks forward to positive engagement with new Scottish Government

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy

Creation of Future Policy Implementation Board key ask for first 100 days

NFU Scotland is committed to engaging positively with the new Scottish Government as it looks to put Scottish farmers and crofters at the heart of the nation’s green recovery.

With the new Scottish Government mapping out its priorities for the first 100 days and talks opening on possible co-operation with the Scottish Greens, NFU Scotland, as the lead organisation for Scottish agriculture, has restated its ambition to work with all politicians to ensure the industry plays a full role in the nation’s post-Brexit, post-CAP and post-pandemic future.

As a priority, in its first 100 days, NFU Scotland is calling on Scottish Government to drive forward work undertaken to set a new policy direction for Scottish agriculture and establish a single implementation board for new support measures and schemes.  The board would provide an essential platform to progress the recent reports and recommendations from the five farmer-led Climate Change groups on beef, dairy, arable, pigs, and hill, upland farming & crofting.

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy said: “The new Scottish Parliament, and arrangements for Scottish Government, are still at an early stage but we want to put down a clear marker that NFU Scotland is committed to working collaboratively to ensure the nation’s farmers and crofters and the industry are at the heart of the green recovery.

“There are many crucial and sensitive areas that need to be addressed in the weeks and months ahead, but we are seeking positive engagement on business and land use that recognises the importance of food production, promotes a positive response to climate change, seeks to improve biodiversity and builds a thriving rural economy.

“Future policy arrangements that promote activity and support farmers to produce more of Scotland’s own food needs sustainably will be key.

“The recent work of Scotland’s five farmer-led Climate Change groups, and their published reports and recommendations, has provided a potential roadmap to future policy.  We want a firm commitment from the Scottish Government in its first 100 days to create a single implementation board for new support measures and schemes with representation from all farming sectors, to build on this important work. “Building a policy framework that supports sustainable and profitable farming will support the ambition for growth in Scotland’s food and drink industry while ensuring farming plays a positive part in Scotland meeting its ambitious targets on emissions reductions.” 

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