Uber granted licence to operate in Aberdeen


UBER has been granted a licence to operate its ride-hailing taxi service in Aberdeen, marking the city as the third in Scotland to welcome the service, following Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The company had initially received permission to launch in Aberdeen in 2018 but later relinquished its licence. After reapplying earlier this year, Uber’s application was reviewed by the city council’s licensing committee. The meeting heard both support and objections before approving the application.

Ahead of the committee meeting, 485 letters of support and 23 objections were submitted, with an additional three objections arriving after the deadline. During the two-hour discussion, Uber representatives addressed questions about the service’s operations, fares, and passenger safety. Despite opposition from existing taxi firms, the licence was granted.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of business improvement body Aberdeen Inspired, expressed gratitude for the committee’s decision. He noted that Aberdeen Inspired brought Uber to the city due to significant issues with the current taxi service, particularly during late nights on weekends. Watson highlighted safety concerns and economic impacts reported by local businesses, partners, and the public, who cited a severe lack of taxis, especially at night.

Uber officials emphasised their commitment to safety, stating that only licensed drivers would be used. They also highlighted the benefits of their service, including greater transport options, support for the local economy, and new earning opportunities for drivers.

Watson added that the presence of Uber would address the shortage of taxis, alleviate lengthy queues at taxi stands, and improve the city’s reputation by ensuring visitors can get to their destinations, including transport hubs, without difficulty.

Uber’s expansion into Aberdeen is seen as a positive step forward in tackling the city’s transportation challenges, providing residents and visitors with an alternative to the city’s existing taxi services..

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