True North: Public want economic growth prioritised by the new Scottish Government

True North Managing Partner Fergus Mutch

PEOPLE in Scotland overwhelmingly believe achieving a higher level of economic growth is central to creating a wellbeing economy, according to advisory firm True North.

A new poll commissioned by the firm has revealed 70 percent of the Scottish public believe greater economic growth is the “central element” to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

And, according to the research, which was undertaken by Survation, even more people in Scotland (79 percent) believe financial services are vital to Scotland’s economy. 

New First Minister Humza Yousaf has made the development of a wellbeing economy one of his top priorities and has said he would consider imposing further income tax increases on higher and top rate payers. 

However, in a warning over greater divergence between Scotland the rest of the UK on tax, more than a third (36 percent) of the Scottish public said they would consider relocating elsewhere in the UK if income tax rates in Scotland were increased further. Half of the respondents also said the Scottish Government did not have the right policies in place to deliver economic prosperity, with that figure rising to 57 percent in relation to the UK Government.  

Commenting on the True North/Survation poll, True North Managing Partner Fergus Mutch said: 

“These figures will provide important food for thought for the new-look Scottish Government as they devise their strategy to improve Scotland’s economic growth rate. 

“This is clearly a priority for the people of Scotland and it is absolutely essential that both governments at Holyrood and Westminster must get right.  

“Scotland has many world-leading sectors – such as energy, financial services, food and drink, and tourism – and it is vital they are supported by government as much as possible, allowing them to flourish and support high-value jobs.”  

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