Tradu’s innovative new trading platform enters the market 


FINANCIAL markets are always fluctuating in popularity as new opportunities come along. And online trading platforms are set for similar disruption with the launch of Tradu’s innovative new offering.  

Tradu is backed by the leading global investment firm Jefferies and provides a compelling alternative for today’s active investor. Its platform puts over 10,000 tradeable assets at your fingertips including the most popular stock, forex, indices, commodity and crypto markets – and all from one central login. 

This frictionless experience is enhanced by over 140 analytic indicators and tools and a lightspeed average execution time of 18 milliseconds. We spoke to Tradu’s experts about what else sets the platform apart.      

Competitive pricing ‘across the board’ 

Beyond core financial markets and products, pricing will always be a key consideration for traders looking to maximise their capital. Tradu’s CEO Brendan Callan is confident in the value they offer: 

“We’re extremely competitive across the board. Our CFD offering is commission free and we have a spread tracker which shows our spreads against competition…most of the time we’re going to have the tightest spreads available.  

“Pricing is important to our customers and giving them the comfort they’re with the firm with the tightest price 90% of the time is a big selling point.” 

Streamlined multi-asset experience 

Diversification is essential for savvy investors who want to spread risk, and Tradu has optimised user journeys to support this goal. Global Head of Trading Paresh Patel highlights:  

“In order to trade the full stack of financial instruments available you’d usually need multiple accounts. With Tradu you’ll be able to do crypto, CFDs, indices etc all in one place. Plus there’s the ability to transfer your money from one account to another, seamlessly.”  

Smooth journeys for sophisticated traders 

A fast, frictionless experience is key when there’s significant capital and split-second opportunities on the line. Tradu’s Software Programme Manager Joe Harari assures: “Our platform is built with the latest web technologies for a significantly faster and more user-friendly experience.” 

Core actions such as executing trades and viewing charts are fast and intuitive, while a bespoke token system saves users manually logging in every time.  

An inclusive, compliant global outlook 

The democratisation of investing has helped spread it around the globe, creating new opportunities and challenges for providers. The Tradu platform caters for this audience with customer support in 15 languages – but compliance is especially key in protecting investors in different jurisdictions. 

Director of Global Compliance Michael Grant explains: “Most of the rules are designed to protect our clients… it’s about being able to monitor how [their severity] fluctuates and making sure we run the business in accordance with that.” 

With such an optimised and open approach, the Tradu platform is likely to prove a hit with today’s retail investors.  

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