Top ten most Instagrammed beauty spots in Scotland revealed

Glen Coe is the most Instagrammable beauty spot in Scotland, with 555,800 hashtags on the social media platform

NEW research reveals the most popular Scottish beauty spots according to Instagram, with Glen Coe taking the top spot.

The research by My Voyage Scotland analysed Instagram hashtag data for over fifty beauty spots in Scotland to reveal the most Instagrammable.

Glen Coe, located in the Highlands of Scotland takes the top spot as Scotland’s most Instagrammable beauty spot with 555,800 posts on the social media platform under the Glen Coe hashtag. Several Harry Potter films as well as James Bond’s Skyfall have been filmed at Glen Coe, making the glen ideal for a picturesque backdrop to any social media snaps. 

The second most Instagrammable beauty spot in Scotland is Loch Lomond. The loch is part of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park – the first ever Scottish National Park. Loch Lomond has 550,000 total posts under the hashtag #LochLomond on Instagram.

Based in the eastern Highlands of Scotland, the Cairngorms are the third most Instagrammable beauty spot in Scotland. The mountain range has had 443,700 posts under the Cairngorms hashtag to date. 

In fourth place is the highest point in the UK, Ben Nevis. Ben Nevis has a total of 247,000 posts on Instagram to date. Situated in the Grampians Mountains, Ben Nevis offers photographers picturesque views at 4,411 feet above sea level.

The Glenfinnan viaduct ranks as the sixth most Instagrammable beauty spot in Scotland. The viaduct, arguably most famous for featuring as the train track to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, has 154,900 posts under the Glenfinnan viaduct hashtag. 

Aside from Loch Lomond which ranked second, there are four more lochs that place in the top ten. Loch Fyne takes sixth place with 60,100 posts under the Loch Fyne hashtag, whilst the famous Loch Ness takes eighth place with 47,900 posts on the social media platform. Loch Tay and Loch Leven round out the top ten, placing ninth and tenth respectively.

The most Instagrammable Beauty spots in Scotland
Scottish Beauty SpotTotal number of hashtags on Instagram to date
Glen Coe555,800
Loch Lomond550,000
Ben Nevis247,000
Glenfinnan Viaduct154,900
Loch Fyne60,100
Dunnottar Castle59,600
Loch Ness47,900
Loch Tay44,200
Loch Leven43,900

A spokesperson for My Voyage Scotland commented on the study:

“Scotland is known around the world for its stunning natural landscapes that offer tourists and locals alike picturesque views all year round. This study offers a fascinating insight into the locations that are more favourable on social media. What is interesting about the findings is that the top ten are a mix of iconic Scottish landmarks as well as lesser-known hidden gems.”

The study was conducted by My Voyage Scotland, a team of travel specialists dedicated to delivering the best Scottish travel advice in Scotland.

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