Top 5 EU Countries for Obtaining Residency by Investment


LIVING in a developed country is a dream for those who appreciate high prosperity and strive to obtain as many material benefits and privileges as possible. Due to the right of regular residence, you can stay in the country of your choice for as long as possible.

You will not have to worry about how to prolong the validity of the certifying documents of residence by investment. The advantage of this status is, first and foremost, its accessibility.

Introduction to EU Residency by Investment Programs

In this article, we will tell you about the top five most famous projects for obtaining the right of permanent residence in some European countries. The rules for getting such a permit are straightforward. However, it is better to deal with a trusted agency that will help you solve all legal issues to avoid any mistakes. 

Portugal Golden Visa

The opportunity to tie fate with this developed country attracts more and more wealthy people. However, the project will cost quite a lot for any candidate. He will have to purchase some real estate for 500,000 euros. The participant can also transfer 1 million euros to a Portuguese bank account or offer to employ ten people in his company. 

According to Zlata Erlach, an expert on the Immigrant Invest agency, the offer of residency by investment is very popular among wealthy participants and business owners seeking further career growth and material success despite the high cost. 

Spain Residency Program

The conditions for obtaining the necessary rights here are similar to those in the previous country. Applicants can invest 500,000 euros in the purchase of luxury real estate. As an alternative, it is possible to contribute an amount of 2 million euros or more to the public debt fund. The country with the highest standard of living offers flexible ways for those who decide to move there permanently. Owners of large deposits have ample opportunities to finance various sectors of the economy.

Greece Attractive Residency by Investment Option

It is one of the best options for lovers of exotic hot climates. A year-round stay in these beautiful places will benefit your health and allow you to enjoy all the valuable benefits, including permission to visit the best parts of the planet freely.

According to the specialist of Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach, you will need to buy a house or other real estate worth 250,000 euros to participate in the initiative. The main requirements for candidates are the same as in other programs – the age of majority and absence of problems with the law. You will also probably be asked to prove the legality of the investment amount earned. 

Cyprus as a Fast-Track to EU Residency

The opportunity to get RP by investment attracts more and more tourists and ordinary fans of a luxurious life. Cyprus is one of the most attractive options for those who want to go through all the procedures quickly and without hassle. 

All the rights of a citizen of this country will be offered to those applicants who agree to appropriate real estate in its territory. The purchase price should be from 300,000 euros. The benefits of this attractive program are pretty obvious. You can constantly visit the best resorts on the island, having the right to study and work during your stay.   

Malta Residency-to-Citizenship Program

It is another exotic corner, where more and more those who prefer eventful summer vacations and high-life priorities aspire to go. The project offers participants an excellent residence and the fastest and surest way to the European Union. 

Candidates have the opportunity to:

invest an amount of 600,000 euros or more in the purchase of maltese real estate, which entitles you to stay in the country permanently for three years;

buy a similar property for 750,000 euros to obtain citizenship after one year;

sign a lease agreement for at least 18,000 euros per year. 

This way, PR in Malta is characterized by flexible, clear conditions. However, if you are experiencing difficulties, contact a specialized agency whose experts will accompany you at all stages – from the application to the collection of the required papers.  

Advantages of EU Residency for Investors

Obtaining such privileged rights has many valuable advantages. The brightest of them are:

free access to almost all developed, famous countries of the world;

no restrictions on employment and education;

access to complete medical services;

a favorable tax climate and the opportunity to do business.

In addition, the EU countries have stable economies. Their political situation is also stable and does not cause concerns.


The considered projects are in particular demand among those hungry for profound changes. There are many significant advantages for wealthy people worldwide looking for islands of stability and luxury. Such participants can choose from many locations – quiet resort towns and bustling metropolises.

PR by investment today is the best way to expand your rights and solve many problems that haunted you in your home country. You should not miss such a tempting chance! Contact a specialist to resolve these issues. This option is a chance to save time, money and your own nerves. You will enjoy the process, and all the paperwork will be done for you.

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